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BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Lee Jong shared keywords to describe their upcoming fantasy drama “The Golden Spoon”

The male characters of the Golden Spoon chose key points to describe the drama!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, MBC’s “Golden Spoon” tells the story of a student born to a poor family who uses a magic golden spoon to trade with a friend born to a wealthy family. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae will star as Lee Seung Chun, a student who hopes to change his life with the title golden spoon. Lee Jong Won plays Hwang Tae Yong, a privileged friend of Lee Seung Chun who lives the life he craves.

After growing up in completely different homes, Lee Seung Chun and Hwang Tae Yong experience body swaps when the magic golden spoon changes their fate. As the drama premiere is fast approaching, here are the keywords chosen by Yook Sungjae and Lee Jong Won to describe the “Golden Spoon”!

Yook Sungjae chose “realistic imagination” and explained, “Even if it isn’t [because of] money, when life gets hard or tiring I think someone thought of wanting to live as someone other than you for even a day. While [the plot] it’s a fantasy that can only come out in drama, I believe anyone can realistically have such an imagination.

Lee Jong Won expressed the “Golden Spoon” as “greed and ambition” before release: “I believe excessive greed always leads to anger, and in drama, this idea is naturally melted in. If you think about that aspect while watching the drama, I think it will become an interesting vantage point. “

Yook Sungjae also noted the excellent chemistry of the cast and thanked his partners saying, “When I was working with actors playing the roles of people who confronted or helped my character Seung Chun, I think I could better bring out different tendencies.”

In turn, Lee Jong Won expressed his gratitude to Yook Sungjae, saying, “Sungjae is the actor I work with the most. When I recreate the image of Tae Yong transforming into Seung Chun, I talk a lot with Sungjae about how to express these scenes in detail. When he generously shares his thoughts on the character, he helps me act really comfortable. “

The premiere of MBC’s “Golden Spoon” is on September 23 at 21:50 KST, and you can watch the teaser here!

Start watching Yook Sungjae in “Goblin” with the credits below!

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