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BTOB’s Yook Sungjae returns to Twitter to call out stalker selling his phone number

The account tried to sell the personal information of several idols.

BTOB‘s Sungjae he’s not very active on some of his social media accounts, but he took the time to come back to Twitter to call out a stalker after taking a year off from the app.

Yook Sungaje from BTOB | @yook_can_do_it/ /Instagram

K-Pop idols often have to deal with fans of stalkers, so-called stalkers sasaengs fans, always violating their privacy. This may include actual attacks on artists, such as physical attacks TVXQ members Changmin and Yunho with whom I have dealt over the years, to those “fans” harassing idols at all hours in the places they visit and live. NCT‘s taeyong recently described the stress that sasaengs fans cause him by calling his phone.

In the previous video K-Rapper and YouTuber Kim’s grace he shared it sasaeng they often work in companies where they have access to celebrity information, such as phone companies, credit card companies, and websites. From there, some of these fans will sell information on sites like Instagram and Twitter.

This is what happened to Sungjae, causing his unexpected return to Twitter. Twitter account with handle @ou_selly he wrote several times that he not only had Sungjae’s mobile phone number, but also other BTOB members.

| Twitter

It’s unclear how Sungjae saw the tweets from this account as the last time he was active on Twitter seems to be in November 2021, but he was going to call them out on the matter.

Sorry, you’ll be reported for what you’re doing…

— Sungjae from BTOB

The call seems to have worked, and the tweet with his information has been removed for violating Twitter’s rules.

| Twitter

Shortly after, fans called out another Melody (name of the BTOB fan club) to continue reporting the account, leading to his complete Twitter suspension.

| Twitter

Although idols can’t always fight stalkers, it’s nice to see that Sungjae was able to stop this account from selling his personal information!


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