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BTS J-Hope has people scratching their heads with his airport fashion – doesn’t low waist suit him?

BTS J-Hope has people scratching their heads with his airport fashion – doesn’t low waist suit him?

In the latest photos posted by various fansites, BTS J-Hope is seen in a low-key style at the airport. This causes debate among ARMY fans, discussing whether this style looks good on him or not.

The ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ singer is reported to be leaving the country for the 2022 MAMA Awards.

Low BTS J-Hope: “Dope” or not?

Low-rise fashion is a style where clothing is designed to sit low or below the hips, emphasizing the waist. It became fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s and, until recently, returned to fashion after two decades. Jeans are usually paired with a crop top that accentuates the belly and waist.

J-Hope recently wore this style during his airport fashion.

(Photo: Osen)
BTS J-Hope is headed to MAMA Japan

ARMYs are dazzled by the style choice as the lead dancer and rapper can make anything look good on him. They even commented on how J-Hope loves to play with his own style, giving room for fashion experiments.

“CuteHahaha Hoseok lots of laughs

“He fits the style, but fashion is hard…”

“Looks good and nice.”

“I’m not a fan of this trend, but I love that hoseok likes to play with fashion”

“It’s Hoseok, so he made it. I love how he added accents and matched the shorts to the color of the fabric on the rolled-up sleeves.”

“He will kill~”

However, some are confused, expressing their frustration with the online community. They mentioned the unfamiliarity with the style, regarding his trousers and tucked into his shirt.

BTS J Hope

(Photo credit: theqoo)
BTS J-Hope is headed to MAMA Japan

Read their reactions below:

“He doesn’t fit in.”

“Honestly, I can’t understand short stature…Hahaha

“No matter who wears it, I hate it. Why do they always create such useless trends? The industry is just annoying. Is it so hard not to show your underwear?

“Pants are ugly and so-so…”

“Fashion seems to be going through an unfavorable shift even in Korea right now TT

“The thing that shocks me the most is that he put a T-shirt under his underwear”

Hobicore: J-Hope’s charming sense of style

The ‘Arson’ hitmaker also has his own style called ‘Hobicore’.

Hobicore offers a fusion aesthetic from J-Hope, bringing retro nostalgia with its bright colors and vintage feel. As BTS members shape their own fashion sense, J-Hope is known for creating “Hobicore”, where his optimistic personality and colorful clothes go hand in hand.

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He is also popular for wearing vibrant streetwear on a daily basis and dark colors during live performances to show off his underground side.

What do you think about J-Hope’s low status? Comment below and let us know

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