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BTS leader RM announced special news for ARMY

BTS RM unveiled “Identity Film” for their new album “Indigo”.

On November 23, RM unveiled the “Identity Film”, which visualizes the various elements that make up his solo album “Indigo”, on BTS’s official SNS. The video begins with a silhouette of swaying flowers, then blue images follow through quick transitions.

The “Indigo” corporate identity fades in and out faintly, as if it were smeared with ink. After phrases like “Documentation of my youth at the time of the independent phase” and “last archive of my twentiesthe video ends.

RM will release his first solo album “Indigo” on national and international music portals at 14:00 on December 2nd.

BTS RM indigo

In the meantime, RM plans to film the video footage in the form of a small concert for 200 spectators for about an hour at a concert hall in Seoul at 8:00 p.m. on December 5. Applications for the recording will be conducted by lottery.

Source: Wickettree Daum

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