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BTS RM prepares for 30 years by consuming THESE 3 lessons – here’s what Idol learned

BTS RM prepares for 30 years by consuming THESE 3 lessons – here’s what Idol learned

On December 14, PSICK SHOW welcomed BTS RM as a guest hosted by the trio of Lee Young Joo, Jung Jae Hyung and Kim Min Soo. The show was posted on their YouTube channel Psick Univ, where the guys had a series of conversations about life.

In the PSICK SHOW part, BTS RM learned 3 important lessons to prepare for his 30th birthday. Here’s what the ‘Wild Flower’ hitmaker learned on the show.

BTS RM learns 3 lessons on PSICK gaining wisdom in his 30s

In the episode RM, he was partying with the hosts. They discussed the fact that RM is a staunch supporter of the trio and even subscribes to them. Their discussion moved from promoting RM’s solo albums to his art collection.

(Photo: Twitter: @charts_k)
PSICK Show, Crew, with BTS RM

Midway through the episode, the subject switched to RM’s age, where he will be approaching 30. The group welcomed him to the club as the crew is also around 30 years old.

Host Young Joo mentioned that RM needs to learn some new things before he turns 30. He stated that RM needed to change every aspect of his life as his 20s phase would come to an end.

“We have to teach you something. You have to change everything because you’re not 20 anymore.”

The hosts give the first RM lesson

Mobile phone label

The first lesson RM has learned is how mobile phone etiquette behaves in its 30s. Young Joo asked RM how he answered the phone, to which RM answered by putting the phone to his ear.

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(Image: Twitter BTS)

The hosts suggested that if someone is in their 30s, they should not put the phone in their ear. Speakerphones are used instead.

Young Joo demonstrated by holding the phone with three fingers, head down low. He also suggested that only three words were required to answer.

“This is the 1920s. You don’t put the phone in your ears. We use a loudspeaker. You use only three fingers to hold the phone and your head drops. You only say three words like “Where are you?” or “What are you doing?” then this is it.”

After learning this, RM didn’t waste a second to follow the instructions.

Second Lesson for the 1930s Revealed: The Handshake Technique

Young Joo explains that when people turn thirty, their handshake changes too. He argues that a handshake should come from above, not from below.

“Don’t do it that way. In your twenties, your hand moves from bottom to top. When you turn thirty, your hand goes from top to bottom.”

The host demonstrated the way, giving RM a new lesson for his approaching 30s.

Third and final lesson: How to end 1930s drinking parties

As the cues drew to a close, RM learned another valuable lesson from the trio. The lesson is how he should end his 1930s-style drinking sessions.

Host Kim Min Soo asked RM how he says goodbye after a drink. The rapper said he was just saying goodbye to them and reminding them to catch up quickly. RM asked how to do it 1930s style.

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(Photo credit: Facebook: BTS)
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Kim Min Soo got up, took money out of his wallet and gave it to the crew. He showed how older brothers should behave by giving the dongsaeng change for taxi money.

Thanks to their guidance, RM is now equipped with the knowledge he needs in his thirties.

Watch the full video here!

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