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BTS “Social Butterfly” V opens up about being used by others

He revealed how he had overcome his objections.

BTS‘s V in conversation with Korea Fashion.


V has earned a reputation as a “companion butterfly”. Not only does she have a close bond with all of her members at BTS …

V hugs the members of BTS.

But V also has a lot of celebrity friends. He rarely meets a stranger!

V (left) and Minho (right).

V (left) and Bursztyn (right).

V has been friends with several other K-pop idols for years, such as GLOSS‘s Minho and f (x)‘s Amber Liu to actors like Bo Gum Park and Lee Jung Jae.

V (left) and Park Bo Gum (right). | @ thev / Instagram

He even starred in a reality show Bromance star next to the actor and rapper Kim Min Jae (also known as Real.be), showing their close friendship.

V just attracts everyone to it. Even when he’s abroad, Western celebrities fall in love with him. A few recent examples include Lady Gaga and Jon Batiste.

Jon Batiste (left) and V (right). | @ thv / Instagram

And of course, V is a member of the famous group of friends known as “Wooga’s Squad”, consisting of himself, Peakboy, Park Hyung Sik, Seo Joon Parkand Choi Woo Shik. They even recently starred in their own reality series In SOOP: Acquaintance.

From left to right: V, Choi Woo Shik, Peakboy, Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon.

However, V tried to get closer to people despite being a self-identified person. He explained in an interview with Korea Fashion. The interviewer asked him about his reputation as one who befriends others frequently.

You often make contact with other artists. This is a bit surprising, as you’d expect a popular celebrity like you not to feel the need to reach out to others outside of your entourage. Do these new meetings give you energy? What do such meetings mean to you?

– Vogue Korea

V revealed that a human bond is essential to him. So, be they fellow artists or even a journalist, they like to interact with them.

I value human connection. I am a human person and I really enjoy working with everyone I come into contact with professionally, including artists, directors, writers and journalists like you.

– V

However, it was not always so easy for him. V personally shared how it was booked in the past as it was used by others.

In the past, I was more reserved because I was hurt by people who treated me simply as a valuable resource to know and not as a friend.

– V

Despite being hurt by people, V still enjoys building relationships with others. He believes that the people around him helped him get through it.

But I still like people. It is thanks to the wonderful people in my life that I am who I am.

– V

V is such a loving and friendly person; he deserves to be surrounded only by people who truly respect him for who he really is!

V went down in history with Korea Fashion as a cover model for the October issue. A full photo shoot and interview has been released. Check out more below.

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