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BTS V became the first Korean to exceed 51 million followers on Instagram

BTS V became the first male Kpop idol to surpass 51 million Instagram followers, boasting unmatched social power.

September 12 V became the first Korean male celebrity to have 51 million followers on Instagram. On Instagram, V shows the greatest brand strength in the world as the main character of the “record breaker” modifier.

The recently published photo of V, showing a well-balanced and wonderful body line, gained a lot of love as it gained over 16 million likes on this platform. The photo previously collected 10 million likes in 6 hours, making it an Asian man to set the record to reach this milestone in the shortest time.

After 8 years of debuting, in December last year, V created his official Instagram. His account had one million followers at 43 minutes and 10 million followers at 4 hours and 52 minutes, setting two “Guinness Records” and making him one of the most powerful Instagram stars in the world.

V, who set a record of 20 million “likes” with only 10 people worldwide, was placed 16th in the all-time Instagram “Like” ranking. V is the only Asian star to make it to the top 20.

V recently added one more 19 millionth post, making him the first Asian celebrity to have three 19 million posts on Instagram. V’s impact on social media is unrivaled as all 4 Asians’ most liked posts are V.

From January to June, male idol accounts held the first place in the growth of Instagram followers in Korea for six consecutive months, and also the first in the number of followers among Korean male idols.

In the global influencer ranking of HypeAuditor, an influencer marketing company, a member of BTS ranked 6th in the world, setting the highest record for Korean and Asian celebrities.

V has outstripped top celebrities with hundreds of millions of followers such as Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner and Messi to become the person with “the highest authentic Instagram engagement rate in the world.”

In the ranking of music influencers, HypeAuditor took 2nd place in the world and 2nd in the United States, showing its enormous popularity.

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