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BTS V wants to do a much-needed update to Weverse after Jimin’s last broadcast live

It has the “King of the Weverse”!

BTS‘s Jimin recently broadcast live weaverleader V call for a much-needed update of the Weverse Live Stream feature.

Jimin | @ jm / Instagram


Jimin started the broadcast live, lovingly trying to hide from fans, although his attempts were somewhat unsuccessful.

He then covered several topics, from the music he’s working on to the wisdom tooth and tattoos. In fact, he revealed that he had recently added to his lunar tattoo after being inspired by a fanart that V showed him.

Sam V has appeared on a live stream. However, due to Weverse’s sad limitation, he was unable to join the live stream itself, prompting him to join via comments. When he noticed him, Jimin was very happy to see him there!

The ARMYs were amused to see V conducting the entire conversation with Jimin through the comments …

… Especially since it was the first thing V did right after waking up.

| weaver by @ natalia / Twitter

While it would be even better to see the two of them live together, it’s not yet possible as Weverse doesn’t yet allow live streaming together. Seeing that the members wanted to live together, V decided it was something that had to change!

He told Jimin that he would request an update to the Weverse app so members could have live broadcasts together. When Jimin asked if it was possible, V had amusedly stated that he would make it happen… because he is the king of the Weverse.

The ARMYs have no doubt that he is actually the King of the Weverse …

… And they are amused how long members can spend time together and with their fans.

Hopefully V will be able to use his magic and will soon receive the coveted Weverse update!



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