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BTS’s J-Hope Left Someone Out Of His “Run BTS” TikTok Challenge Compilation And This Person Wants To Know Why

Jungkook called him.

BTS‘s J-Hope left someone with his “Run BTS” ICT compilation of challenges…

J-Hope from BTS

Recently, BTS kicked off their latest TikTok dance challenge with the song “Run BTS”.


#RunBTS is back! 🔥 Join now on TikTok!

♬ Launch BTS – BTS

The dance king himself, J-Hope, has posted his own video with a new challenge…


As expected, it’s different when bandleader Jeong dances🔥#RunBTS #RunBangtan #jhope #jhope

♬ Launch BTS – BTS

soon after Suga and Jimin published his.


I agree with this combination😸🐥🙆 Shall we run together? #RunBTS #RunBangtan #Jimin #SUGA #Jimin #SUGA

♬ Launch BTS – BTS

V and Jungkook posted unique twists on the challenge as they were both overseas in Paris and Qatar respectively.

ARMY especially praised Jungkook for making the “Run BTS” challenge more accessible with simplified choreography, given that the original is rigorous.

However, many participated in the original, especially other K-Pop idols. All buddy MOVEMENTS groups do the “Run BTS” challenge and absolutely kill. So, J-Hope shared the video compilation via Instagram Reels including everyone who has participated so far including even himself, Jimin and Suga to show his appreciation.

However, he forgot some people… Jungkook commented on J-Hope’s post, asking why his version of the “Run BTS” challenge was not included.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Why didn’t you include me, jya-hope? Mine was fine too…

— Jungkook

J-Hope adjusted all the videos to flow seamlessly, and since Jungkook’s version was so unique, we know it wouldn’t really fit. However, we still feel bad that it wasn’t included!



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