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BTS’s Jungkook proves she doesn’t have a bigger IU fan than he does when he attends the second day of her concert

Fans say he was with J-Hope this time.

BTS‘s Jungkook proves he is on another level as a fan IU attending the second day of her concert… after attending the first day.

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IU reportedly pulled out of all stops for her megaconcert at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, The Golden Hour


| @ 4seasonswithIU / Twitter

… including performance by z Jay Park.

Fans were thrilled with the show, praising IU as the queen of K-pop.

Given that the show was so must-see, it makes perfect sense that longtime IU fan Jungkook would go out of his way to see as much of it as possible. He was seen again at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the second day, happily jumping up and down.

However, considering it has such a tight schedule, it’s still surprising that it’s there both days …

It really shows his devotion as a fan! In fact, Jungkook has shown how much of a fan he is. First, those who were there said he sang in the same key as IU – and nailed it.

But perhaps more touchingly, he returned with a special pillow that IU’s mother had personally made for fans in the audience.

Additionally, fans who noticed him saw that he had bought a lamp and was swinging it enthusiastically throughout the concert … reportedly accompanied by his bandmate J-Hope!

This has yet to be confirmed, but given that J-Hope has recently made an appearance IU palettefans hope to see a photo of all three of them backstage!

In any case, the status of Jungkook fans on a higher level has already been proven many times.

ARMYs are now enjoying that she is enjoying her free time!

Meet all the stars who attended the first day of IU The Golden Hour here.

All the stars who went to the first day of the IU “Golden Hour” concert


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