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Change the law so that five-year-olds can no longer drink alcohol at home, says the doctor

Children should no longer be allowed to drink alcohol at home from the age of five, a health education lecturer has said.

Dr Aric Sigman has challenged the current law that allows children from the age of five to drink alcohol at home, even though it does not allow them to buy alcohol until they are 18.

writing in British Medical JournalDr. Sigman urged pediatricians to take a much tougher line and lobby the government against the ruling to reduce future alcohol-related health problems.

The article rejects the approach of some parents who expose their children to alcohol at a young age in the hope that it will “teach them to use responsibly or instill them against harmful drinking.”

Dr Sigman also criticizes the ‘myth of the French family’, citing research that shows that alcohol-related mortality in this country is higher than in the UK and the fact that the French government has raised the drinking age to 18.

“While some may believe that France’s traditional ‘Mediterranean’ approach has helped France avoid serious alcohol-related problems, the WHO reported that per capita alcohol consumption is higher, the number of years of life lost is higher, and the alcohol-related fraction of overall mortality is 26 per person. percentage higher in France than in the UK.

It adds that Public Health France has also recently announced its “goal of denormalization … to harm alcohol consumption … to reduce alcohol-related morbidity and mortality in France.”

Young people are more exposed to health risks from alcohol consumption than older people

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Alcohol consumption is a major global risk factor for premature death and disability among 15- to 49-year-olds, and is responsible for more than 200 illnesses and injuries, including “a staggering increase in liver disease mortality over the last 40 years, especially in the UK – underlines.

Independent contacted the Department of Health and Human Services for comment.

The news follows research published in July which found that young people are at higher risk of alcohol-related health risks than older people.

The study, published in The name of the scientific medical journal Journal, found that drinking even a small glass of beer a day can be harmful to men under the age of 40.

Similarly, the safe daily alcohol limit for women under 39 is equivalent to two tablespoons of wine or 100 ml of beer.

Senior author Dr. Emmanuela Gakidou, Professor of Health Indicator Science at Washington University School of Medicine in the US, said: “Our message is simple: young people should not drink, but older people can benefit from drinking small amounts.

“While it may not be realistic to think that young adults will abstain from drinking, we believe it is important to share the latest evidence so that everyone can make informed decisions about their health.”


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