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Choi Siwon, Lee Da Hee, Park Yeon Woo, Lee Daehwi and others are passionate about first reading the script for the upcoming Rom-Com ENA

The ENA dropped pictures of the first reading of the script for their upcoming Wednesday Thursday drama!

Icy Cold Romance (literal title) tells the story of a “realistic survival romance” between Goo Yeo Reum and Park Jae Hoon, who have been best friends for 20 years. The couple begin to experience romantic feelings after an unexpected meeting as a director (PD) and reality show cast member. The drama will be written by writer Kim Sol Ji of Heading to the Ground, Syndrome and Pegasus Market, and directed by PD Choi Gyu Shik of Rude Miss Young Ae, Let’s Eat, Seasons 2 and 3, ” Drinking alone ”and“ Quiet ”.

The first shots to read the script capture the cast’s extraordinary passion and chemistry, including Lee Da Hee, Choi Siwon from Super Junior, Jo Soo Hyang, Park Yeon Woo, Im Ha Ryong, Yang Hee Kyung, Min Jin Woong, Noh Susanna and Lee Daehwi from AB6IX.

Lee Da Hee stars as Goo Yeo Reum, who has been a PD on the entertainment show for the past 10 years and is desperate for both work and love. By reading the script, Lee Da Hee poured honesty into each of her lines and guided the atmosphere well with her emotional acting. Choi Siwon, played by Park Jae Hoon, stars alongside Lee Da Hee. As a plastic surgeon who receives an irregular salary, Park Jae Hoon is basically unemployed and has lost interest in both work and love. While reading, Choi Siwon introduced the restrained but sweet charms of Park Jae Hoon as a classic man’s best friend with a perfect tone and expression.

While unable to attend the reading for personal reasons, Jo Soo Hyang plays Goo Yeo Reum’s college mate and other entertainment show PD Kang Chae Ri, who inevitably becomes her rival. Park Yeon Woo appears as the handsome celebrity chef John Yang, who joins the Goo Yeo Reuma reality show “Kingdom of Love” as a cast member. John Jang has a wise and free personality and knows exactly how to tease others.

Im Ha Ryong and Yang Hee Kyung play the supportive and reliable parents of Goo Yeo Reum, Goo Yong Shika and Yoon Young Hee. These seasoned actors needed no performance and allowed everyone to feel the depth of their acting, proving that they could become a strong core of drama.

The real-life pair of Min Jin Woong and Noh Susanna will play the couple Park Dae Shik and Oh Hye Jin, Goo Yeo Reum and friends from Park Jae Hoon’s High School who run a chicken shop together. AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi will also appear as Kim Sang Woo, PD assistant and trusted right-hand man Goo Yeo Reum.

The producers of the drama split: “In a story that goes back and forth between sweet and salty, the synergy between actors who achieved excellent acting chemistry was truly amazing. So much so that even the producers said, “I’m curious about” Icy Cold Romance “that we will meet on the screen, [the reading] was a feast of passionate acting. Because it’s so realistic, it’s a romantic comedy you’ll be able to watch even more pleasantly. “Icy Cold Romance”, which will explode with exceptional energy while reading the script, will find your home theater in October, so please be a lot of attention and affection. “

The premiere of “Icy Cold Romance” at ENA will take place next month after the end of “Good Job”!

While you wait, start watching Lee Da Hee on “Beauty Inside” here:

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