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Cocoa accused of having this site to praise IVE, defame a group of competitors

This site was allegedly bought by Cocoa to praise IVE and other related artists while defaming and slandering other K-pop bands. Here’s what happened.

Kakao Entertainment reportedly owns the “Idol Lab” which has defamed rival artists

“Idol Lab” (아이돌) is a popular Facebook page that serves as an online media channel that publishes K-pop-related content in the form of card messages and has the highest number of followers (1.32 million) in the field.

Many K-pop fans visit this page to search for information on the debut, comebacks and related news of the idol group that evaluates and publishes exclusive reports in real time.

(Photo: Kakao Entertainment (News1))

In October it was reported that the real owner of the outlet is Kakao Entertainment, a subsidiary of the large Kakao company.

Kakao Entertainment currently manages various companies:

  • IST Entertainment (Apink, Victon, THE BOYZ, more)
  • Starship Entertainment (IVE, WJSN, MONSTA X, more)
  • EDAM Entertainment
  • FLEX M
  • High-level entertainment
  • Antenna

While there is no problem that the company owns the site, a heated discussion was sparked by the fact that the site was accused of doing “reverse viral marketing ”.

Cocoa accused of having this site to praise IVE, defame a group of competitors

(Photo: current report by Chosun Ilbo (Chosun Ilbo))

For those unfamiliar with the term, it is an advertising method that allows internet users to obtain information naturally via social media while deliberately creating a negative perception of a specific competitor.

K-pop fans started digging into the truth about the site after noticing “defamatory” content about non-affiliated artists.

“While a lot of friendly content has been released recently for celebrities and idol groups owned by Kakao Entertainment, a number of libelous content has been released for idols owned by other agencies.”

Following this claim, the “Idol Lab” site was removed from Facebook.

Cocoa Ent Used “Idol Lab” for IVE to Benefit? This is why people think so

Cocoa accused of having this site to praise IVE, defame a group of competitors

(Photo: Idol Lab (Daum) sample posts)

In a newspaper article published by Chosun, outlet highlighted idol fan speculation by saying:

“Kakao Entertainment lowered its competitor’s idol group image with unfounded libelous content via ‘Idol Lab’.”

For example, content titled “LE SSERAFIM has re-styled mixed reactions” and “A new outfit for an ITZY song that divides attention” are sent as if the styling or outfit were controversial among fans.

The problem is that when you click on a post, there is no mention of what is controversial.

Other idol groups other than Kakao Entertainment, such as New Jeans (ADOR) and NMIXX (JYP), were similarly mentioned in content suspected of reverse viral marketing.

On the other hand, they posted mostly friendly content for Cocoa-related agencies like Starship Entertainment and IST Entertainment.

Cocoa accused of having this site to praise IVE, defame a group of competitors

(Photo: IVE (News1))

In the investigation, Chinese surfers based on Google, IVE and Jang Wonyoung benefited the most, as positive articles published about the group reached 5,100, while 2,880 spoke about Jang Wonyoung himself.

That’s relatively more than Red Velvet (2,170), BLACKPINK (1,620), and TWICE (2,380), despite the group making their debut later than they did in 2021.

Chosun added that Kakao brought the site from private citizens 2-3 years ago and was handed over to the management of the Cocoa Music Marketing Team.

In this issue, Kakao Entertainment replied:

“Outsourcing agencies are responsible for publishing and managing various posts on the Idol Lab,” then deny that there is any intention of reverse viral marketing.

Cocoa accused of having this site to praise IVE, defame a group of competitors

(Photo: Kakao Entertainment (News1))

A pop culture critic who came across the topic revealed his side and commented:

“As suspicions have emerged recently from one-sided, bad comments on the film” Declaration of Danger, “reverse viral marketing is a serious problem in the cultural community. Idol groups in particular may suffer more because they are hit by word of mouth. “

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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