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Colorado Springs shooting – Updates: Bloody Anderson Aldrich mugshot released as father’s remarks sparked outrage

An army veteran reports on fighting a Colorado Springs gunman

Colorado Springs shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich made his first court appearance via video link on Wednesday after allegedly fatally shooting five people at an LGTBQ+ nightclub on Saturday.

The 22-year-old, who identifies as non-binary, faces preliminary charges, including five counts of murder and five counts of a bias crime of bodily harm.

At least 18 other people were injured when a suspect entered the club just before midnight on Saturday and opened fire with an AR-15 rifle.

The suspect was captured by army veteran Richard Fierro and police photos show Aldrich with extensive head and neck wounds.

Police have listed the names of five people who died: Kelly Loving, Daniel Aston, Derrick Rump, Ashley Paugh and Raymond Green Vance.

Meanwhile, the suspect’s father caused outrage with his anti-LGBT+ views.

Aaron Brink, a former porn actor and MMA fighter, told CBS8: “I find out it’s a gay bar. I said, “God, is he gay?” I was scared, “Fuck, is he gay?” And he’s not gay so I said, “Phhhewww…”

He added that his family were Mormons and, “We don’t do gays.”


What do survivors of the Club Q shooting say?

Ed Sanders was opening a card at the Club Q bar when the shooting began.

The 63-year-old said he was waiting in line at the bar, walked forward and handed the bartender his credit card when he was hit in the back – right between the shoulder blades. Surprised and shocked, he turned to look at the bandit, only to be hit again in the thigh as another volley of shots rang out.

“I feel it. And they all fell,” Sanders said in a video statement released Tuesday by the UCHealth Memorial Hospital Center. “It was very traumatic. I covered another woman with a coat … there was a lot of chaos.”

Amy Forliti has a full story.

Josh MarcusNovember 24, 2022 02:40


Old arrest files suggest Colorado Springs suspect wanted to ‘go out in flames’

Eventually, the crisis negotiators were able to bring in Aldrich, and they were placed in the El Paso County Jail on two counts of criminal threats and three counts of first-degree kidnapping, according to the sheriff’s office.

Josh MarcusNovember 24, 2022 02:10


Mugshot shows Colorado Springs suspect Anderson Aldrich with wounds to his face and neck

The photos show Aldrich, who identifies as non-binary, with multiple visible wounds on his face and neck.

According to club goers, many customers at Club Q attacked the 22-year-old and they managed to snatch an AR rifle they were carrying.

More details in our full report.

Josh MarcusNovember 24, 2022 01:55


Anderson Aldrich’s defense announces that they are not binary

The alleged gunman facing hate crime charges in the fatal shooting of five people at a Colorado Springs gay nightclub is not a binary person, the suspect’s defense says in court filings.

In several standard filings filed Tuesday on behalf of Anderson Lee Aldrich, public defenders refer to the suspect as “Mx. Aldrich,” noting in the footnotes that Aldrich, 22, is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/they. The requests deal with issues such as opening documents and gathering evidence, not Aldrich’s identity, and there has been no clarification on this.

Aldrich, who was beaten into submission by customers during Saturday’s Club Q shooting, appeared in court for the first time Wednesday on video from prison. The motive for the shooting was still under investigation, but authorities said Aldrich was facing murder and hate crime charges.

Get all the details in our full story.

Josh MarcusNovember 24, 2022 01:43


Colorado Springs shooting suspect’s father apologizes: ‘Life is so fragile’

Aaron Brink, the father of Colorado Springs mass shooting suspect Anderson Aldrich, is a self-confessed anti-gay but has nevertheless apologized for his child’s alleged crimes.

“I am very sorry for your loss,” Mr. Brink said. “Regardless of politics, it’s about people’s lives. I’m so sorry. My soul goes out to you.”

“Life is so fragile and precious,” he said. “These people’s lives were precious.”

Bevan Hurley has more information on what Aldrich’s father said.

Josh MarcusNovember 24, 2022 00:44


Photos: The booking photo shows a Colorado suspect with extensive facial injuries

The Colorado Springs Police Department has released booking photos of mass shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich.

The photos show Aldrich with visible wounds to his face and neck, possibly as a result of clubgoers fighting with the alleged shooter during the attack.

Josh MarcusNovember 24, 2022 00:22


Colorado Springs Photographs Part of Nationwide Trend of Threats Against the LGTBQ+ Community: Report

The weekend massacre at a Colorado gay club over the weekend is part of a larger pattern of threats against LGBTQ+ people across the country.

According to the GLAAD advocacy group, there were at least 124 protests in the United States in 2022, as well as a significant number of threats against drug events.

Josh MarcusNovember 24, 2022 00:02


How Q Club regulars stopped a Colorado Springs shooter

Richard Fierro, the former U.S. Army major who knocked down a gunman who opened fire on an LGBT+ nightclub in Colorado Springs and beat him senseless, spoke emotionally about his courage on CNN.

Speaking to John Berman online on Monday night, Mr Fierro described what happened when the shooter began shooting at Q Club on Saturday night.

He recognized that the shooter, 22-year-old Anderson Aldrich, was wearing a handgrip body armor and ran across the room, grabbed it, and dragged him to the floor.

Another person helped Mr. Fierro bring Mr. Aldrich to the ground and had them push the AR-15 rifle away.

Oliver O’Connell and Beavn Hurley Do you have more.

Josh Marcus23 November 2022 23:42


Colorado Shooter’s Strange Relationship on January 6th

Suspected gunman Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, allegedly opened fire at the Q club in Colorado Springs just before midnight Saturday night.

Bartenders Daniel Aston and Derrick Rump, as well as patron Kelly Loving, were among the five victims killed in the attack. Another 25 people were injured, including 19 gunshot wounds.

The mass shooting came to an end thanks to the courage of at least one club-goer who knocked the gunman to the ground and detained him until law enforcement arrived.

Rachel Sharp has a full story.

Josh MarcusNovember 23, 2022 23:22


WATCH: Survivors describe their experiences in the Colorado Springs shooting

In addition to the five people who died, at least 19 people were injured in a weekend shooting at an LGTBQ+ bar in Colorado Springs, as well as many others who were traumatized by the massacre.

The AP has this video where he collected some of their experiences and memories of what happened.

Josh MarcusNovember 23, 2022 23:02


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