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69 Luxury Of Coltcoyote


Minecraft small pirate Warship 1 WiP by ColtCoyote on from Coltcoyote

Coltcoyote - Small huts for manor project by ColtCoyote on DeviantArt ColtCoyote Minecraft small pirate Warship 1 WiP by ColtCoyote on small frigate by ColtCoyote on DeviantArt Forlorn Inn WIP by ColtCoyote on DeviantArt

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small frigate

Forlorn Inn WIP

Prototype Floorplan Layout Mk2 WiP

Inspired by ColtCoyote

more generic buildings WiP

Minecraft large Inn floorplans WiP

small fortified village WIP

Minecraft sailing Brig plans pg1 hull

collectionmdwn minecraft castle blueprints layer by layer

Desert Temple

another possible project idea

Prototype Floorplan Layout Mk3 WiP

Reworked Farm 1

Minecraft Floorplans Small Train Station

modern home WIP pt2

minecraft blueprints

Basic sloop design

old castle design ideas

more castle stuff corner tower idea WiP

Minecraft Brig take 4 WiP

Minecraft Floorplans Misc Buildings

Poppy Cottage Medium Minecraft House Blueprints

old Village Plans


64 x 64 minecraft farm WiP

another Fortified Village WIP


64x64 farm layout closeup