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Common dead bodies and K-drama cliches that are everyone’s favorites even now

The old K-dramas have dead bodies that audiences are fed up with, but there are some cliche that even now remain commonplace.

True K-drama will never miss the “common dead” or cliche that always appears in the most iconic K-dramas. While these dead bodies can become unrealistic and maybe even pathetic at times, they still have allusions of their own and are increasing the popularity of the Korean wave.

Let’s check out these classic dead bodies that we find even now in K-dramas

1. Terminal diseases

It will not be an exaggeration to say that deadly diseases started the entire K-dram genre. In the old days, 8 out of 10 classes had a dying male or female role.

An iconic work with a terminal illness as its leitmotif would be “Autumn in My Heart”, which robbed the hearts and tears of both young and old. The tremendous success of this K-drama has ended with many others that draw the same inspiration and endless heroes suffering from deadly diseases.

Stairway to Heaven is another classic in which the character suffers from a terminal illness.

Then K-dramas knocked things down a bit, and “fatal diseases” turned into illnesses or health problems such as amnesia, allergies, or coma that may or may not be cured.

Nevertheless, it seems audiences aren’t fed up with the tragedies of terminal illness, and modern K dramas such as “Big Mouth” also have their own way of dealing with this classic cliche.

Glass slippers
The “glass slippers” even killed their male leader in the middle of the wedding

2. Wealthy and “arrogant” men lead

A rich, handsome, arrogant and at the same time gentle internally man never loses his love for K drama, regardless of time and age. Even though they are young, many of the male K-drama main characters would already be the president or CEO of a huge company with both power and wealth, and they all have a particular fixation on female main characters, annoying them and making things difficult for them.

Business proposal

However, the moment they fall in love, these men will do 180 and transform into this super gentle and caring boyfriend material. Also, despite being a beast in the business field, they’re always clumsy, innocent, and a bit cute when it comes to the romance department.

These “Cold to the world and soft to you only” the guys are unrealistic, but they delight most K-drama fans. Therefore, despite the clear awareness that they will never appear in real life, people love these characters and even dream of falling in love with someone like them.

What's wrong with Kim-Park's secretary Seo Joon

In addition, this group can be found in a variety of K dramas, both old and new, from the classic 2004 “Lovers in Paris” to the more recent “Business Proposition” – showing that it is not going to disappear any time soon.

Source: DAN


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