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Cookie Run: Kingdom suggests working with BTS – here’s what might be possible

The purple color is deeply associated with K-pop superstars BTS. So much so that whenever a brand suggests using a royal shade, fans quickly guess that they might be planning to collaborate with a world-famous group. While we’ve seen a lot of collaborations with BTS, incl McDonald’s


… and of course cult SAMSUNG

… the next one is sure to blow your minds apart. September 20, 2022 RPG game Cookie Run: The Kingdom‘s clerk Twitter The account teased fans of the purple heart emoji and the video of purple candy hearts.

They followed suit with game art depicting purple balloons spotted across the Realm.

They posted the trailer in both English and Korean.

Everyone, look over there! It is the first time in the kingdom that we see such balloons. What could it be?

– Cookie: Kingdom

The game keeps everything else a secret for now, except for shyness “soon“. What can fans expect in collaboration? The game itself is about building the player’s cookie kingdom and collecting cookies with the in-game gacha to fight in different game modes. They can unlock various structures, facilities, and resources. Earlier cooperation between Disney and Cooke Run: Kingdom have given players new Disney-based themes, new cookies and new landscapes with challenges. BTS collaboration is expected to be similar.

Disney’s collaboration with the game. | Running cookies

We are definitely looking forward to it!



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