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‘Corrupt Billboards’ Trends After BTS Removed from Charts: ‘It’s the Second Time’

‘Corrupt Billboards’ Trends After BTS Removed from Charts: ‘It’s the Second Time’

On December 13, ARMYs expressed their frustration with Billboard. A Twitter trend started with the words “BILLBOARD_CORRUPT” spread like wildfire due to the second removal of the chart.

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“Corrupt Billboard” Trends After BTS Chart Drop, ARMY Express Their Thoughts

On Twitter, the platform picked up on the “BILLBOARD_CORRUPT” trend, with ARMY expressing their frustrations with Billboard. In a series of tweets, it was stated that BTS was already number 47 on the Billboard Artist 100, but the group’s position suddenly disappeared from the charts.


Fans were curious as to how the incident might have happened, as well as the fact that Billboard had not released any official announcement or explanation.

Here are their tweets below:

Most demanded an explanation about BTS being removed from the charts.

“Why is this happening to BTS? This is the second time. BTS was ranked #47 on the Artist 100 last week. Even proof is on the BB 200 list, but why have they suddenly left the list now? We deserve an explanation!”

– What happened? I don’t understand.

“Yes, Billboard, please give us an explanation. BTS was ranked 47th last week. Now they are missing.”

“#BTSARMY buy #BTS_Proof! Buying BTS stuff brings happiness and shows them all we can do. Take a backup with you and close the billboard.”

ARMY call for BTS to be banned from “Artist 100” abruptly.

After BTS was removed from the charts for the second time, Billboard was triggered by Twitter.

BTS sends a heartfelt message to fans on the 5th anniversary of UNICEF's


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Internet users emphasized that BTS’s achievements are irreplaceable, and this is just another challenge for them. Moreover, they pointed out the ambiguity of Billboard.

@billboard, @bilboard charts If you think you can cover BTS’s successes with one finger, you are very wrong, because BTS’s successes are many and cannot be covered. What you don’t know is that BTS has a double-edged sword and that is the ARMY.”

“It won’t let you insult BTS for no reason. We will do the impossible to keep everything in place. ARMY wants to know why you will remove BTS from the list. Please explain why you did it. #BILLBOARD_CORRUPT

Some even tagged Keith Caulfield, a senior director of the Billboard charts.

“Hi @keith_caulfieldyou are senior director of @bilboard charts. Let us know why BTS was removed from the Billboard Artist 100 twice for no reason at all. Artists with fewer sales and fewer streams are on the charts. Explain the reason as soon as possible.

“Remember to tag Keith Caulfield! @ #Keith_Caulfield #BILLBOARD_CORRUPT Senior Director of the Billboard Charts. #BTS they were #47 on the Artist 100 last week and Proof on the BB 200. Why have they left the chart now? This is the SECOND TIME! FIX BOTH TIMES!”

“As a senior director of the Billboard charts, you have to fix that.”

How did you react to BTS’s recent removal from the Billboard Artist 100? Let us know in the comments below.

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