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“Dating Rumors” V and Jennie love “that bag” … “Her class is different”

Fans pay close attention to the similar tastes of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie. This is also the reason why rumors of dating continue to exist despite being silent.

At the same time, they both showed up at the airport with luxury bags of the same brand. The handbag chosen by the world’s biggest stars and trend leaders was “Delvaux”.

Established in 1829, Delvaux is a Belgian bag brand with almost 200 years of history. Famous for producing high-quality leather goods to such an extent that it was selected as the official supplier of the Kingdom of Belgium in 1883. It was patented in 1908 to produce the world’s first modern designer handbag.

In Korea, in 2013, Lee Seo-hyun, then president of Cheil Industries (now Samsung C&T), used Delvaux’s representative product “Brillant” at Samsung’s kick-off meeting, beginning to make Delvaux known as a bag for the upper class in earnest. He later became famous as he was chosen by Korean stars such as Kim Hee-ae, Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Young-ae, Go So-young, Suzy, Kim Go-eun, and Gong Hyo-jin.

All Delvaux products are handcrafted by the artisans at Delvaux’s atelier, so each item is delivered in small quantities. Such a shortage is a factor that increases Delvaux’s value. Single mom broadcaster Kim Na-young once mentioned a Delvaux purse as “The first luxury bag she sold for her car to attend Paris Fashion Week for the first time”. Last July, Richemont, one of the three largest luxury brand groups in the world, acquired Delvaux, further adding to its brand value.

bts against Jennie

This deficiency can also be observed in the airport fashion of the two. After attending the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on September 24 last year, V wore Delvaux’s “Brillant Trench Crocodile Bag” (colored tobacco) upon entry. Only two of this bag were available in Korea. The selling price is approximately 60 million won.

V was carrying a bag when he traveled to Washington in June this year to attend an event at the invitation of the White House. It’s a bag that V uses a lot, and V shows off her unique fashion sense by styling it in different ways, as a crossbody or a tote depending on her outfit.


V’s love for Delvaux was reaffirmed when he arrived at Incheon International Airport on August 24 to travel for a photo shoot in New York City. When the second dating rumor surfaced due to the release of a new photo of the couple, it appeared in Brillant L’XXL Delvaux to suit the fall vibe. On his arrival, the security guard tried to keep the bag for him, but was caught leaving the airport with it on reporters’ cameras. In particular, the bag costs around 13 million won.

On September 15, about 15 days after V’s departure, Jennie also showed up at Incheon International Airport with a Delvaux bag. The purse Jennie wore when she left for Los Angeles was the Tempête Magritte Cloud Edition (black). This product is inspired by the blue sky cloud, a symbol representing the Belgian painter René Magritte (1898-1967), “master of surrealism” and “father of surrealism”. Tempête, which means “storm” in French, was designed in 1967, when selling in the North Sea in Belgium became popular. Distinguished by a bold and elegant charm, this bag symbolizes the free women who are the pioneers of their lives.

black and pink Jennie

Jennie opened a clasp with studs (a type of zipper used for accessories or pieces of clothing) and styled them to show the cloud pattern on her bag. The bag is priced at 8.99 million won, and it has also been confirmed that Jennie bought it directly from a department store in Gangnam, Seoul, at its regular price with no discounts.

bts against Jennie

A fashion industry official said: “When Kim Hee-ae appeared in the drama” The World of the Married “and Delvaux became a hot topic, there was a known story that all stocks around the world were imported and sold in Korea despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Jennie’s bag has already sold out since last weekend, so it’s currently not available for purchase.

Source: Daily


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