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Despite ratings as low as 1%, this SNSD Sooyoung K-drama is highly praised

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung’s latest K-drama cannot be considered successful in terms of viewership, but it is highly acclaimed by the audience.

SNSD Sooyoung is currently starring in the Friday/Saturday K drama “Fanletter Please” (also known as “Please send a fan letter”) which only consists of 4 episodes. So far, 2 episodes have aired, though both have seen modest ratings.

Because “Fanletter Please” airs at the same time as the hit series “Reborn Rich” and “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, its pilot episode only achieved 2% viewership. Then in Episode 2, the number dropped to 1.3%, showing a downward trend. Nevertheless, those who actually watched the series have nothing but praise for it and leave positive comments regarding the chemistry between Sooyoung and Yoon Park.

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“Fanletter Please” tells the story of Han Kang Hee (Sooyoung), who made her debut as a child actress and has since gained immense popularity. However, after her latest film was drowned in criticism, Kang Hee began to avoid people and even became afraid to read fan letters. However, in the midst of this crisis, she met her first love, Jeong Seok (Yoon Park).

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On the other hand, Jeong Seok, once a hot boy in high school, is now a single father who has to take care of his sick daughter. The daughter, Yu Na, is a huge fan of Kang Hee and often sent her fan letters. On one occasion, a letter was not delivered, leading to Jeong Seok having to rewrite it and accidentally reuniting with his old schoolmate.

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In the first 2 episodes, Sooyoung and Yoon Park appeared in 2 types of looks – as lively and innocent high school students and as troubled adults. Despite the fact that they were working together for the first time, the chemistry between them was natural and convincing, leading to an enjoyable viewing experience.

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Unfortunately, despite its charms, the series has so far failed to catch the attention of the audience, most likely due to high competition.

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