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Details of SHINee Onew’s first solo concert “O-NEW-NOTE” announced: date, venue, more!

Details of SHINee Onew’s first solo concert “O-NEW-NOTE” announced: date, venue, more!

SHINee Onew is reportedly holding his first solo concert in March.

Want to know more about the event? Then read on!

SHINee Onew Reportedly Holds First Solo Concert ‘ON-NEW-NOTE’

On January 26, SM Entertainment revealed the details of SHINee Onew’s first solo concert. The agency released an official poster which featured a vivid image with the title of the concert “ONEW 1st CONCERT – O-NEW-NOTE”

(Photo: Daum)

It will be held on March 4-5 at the Olympic Hall in the Songpa district of Seoul. On the second day, the concert will be broadcast live around the world for those unable to attend. The broadcast will take place on Beyond Live.

As for the concert tickets, they will be sold through the online booking service Yes24, which will handle the distribution. On February 7 at 14:00, the fan club pre-sale will begin


(Photo: Twitter: @SHINee)

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Meanwhile, the general pre-order will be available on February 9 at 20:00. Tickets will be in digital form instead of the usual paper coupon. This is due to SM Entertainment’s “Movement for Sustainability”.

In addition, more details on booking tickets online will be announced soon. Shawols is expected to follow SHINEE’s official social media accounts as well as Beyond Live.

SHINee Onew

(Photo credit: SHINee Facebook)

SHINee Onew made his debut as a solo artist in 2018 when he released his first EP “Voice”. To expand his solo career, the idol also released “Dice” in 2022 and his first full album “Life Goes On”.

Onew also released his digital single “Dance Whole Day” in 2022. Thanks to a thriving solo career, the idol continues to be known for group activity.

SHINee Onew gets emotional during “Selene 8.23” rehearsal.

In other news, SHINee Onew became emotional during the rehearsal.

On August 3, JTBC’s “Sea of ​​Hope” ended its operations in Pohang. During the announcement of the upcoming episode, the clip gained attention thanks to SHINee’s song “Selene 6.23”.

SHINee Onew

(Photo credit: SHINee Facebook)

The song was written by the late SHINee Jonghyun and is dedicated to the biggest supermoon of 2013. It’s also a memorable track for SHINee’s fandom, Shawols.

In the preview, Onew and singer Sunwoo Jung covered the song. Onew couldn’t contain his emotions and asked for a break. idol stated, “I feel like I’m about to cry.”

During the official performance, the Shawols got into Onew. They praised Onew for having the courage to sing the song despite getting emotional during the rehearsal.

See their comments below:

“I can literally see Onew hold back tears and give it her all during the performance. Jonghyun’s lyrics, Onew’s voice and precious memories make this song so special.”

“Great respect for Onew. Before he sang that song, he wanted to run away and cry. But he was able to cope with his feelings and sang with all his heart. He gave his all to the audience and of course to his best friend, Jonghyun.”

“As Shawol, I feel incredibly happy and grateful that Jinki became the leader of the best group ever. He is so strong, brave and always does his best for his younger brothers. Onew is literally the purest, most humble, precious person to ever be.”

Can’t wait for Onew’s first solo concert?

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