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Did ATEEZ Wooyoung cast Shade in “SMF” Dancer Vata for plagiarism? Here’s what happened

Did ATEEZ Wooyoung cast Shade in “SMF” Dancer Vata for plagiarism?  Here’s what happened

The recent activities of ATEEZ Wooyoung at the concert attracted attention, and Internet users speculate that it casts a shadow on Street Man Fighter Vata dancer for plagiarism.

Read on to find out more.

Vata’s Street Man Fighter dancer accused of plagiarizing the ATEEZ dance movement

Mnet dance survival show Street Man Fighterthat is, the male version of their very successful one Street Woman Fighteris on its way and the show is half finished.

But amidst the intense competition between the dancers and the dance crews, the show was beset with various controversies even before it was officially broadcast. Some of the controversy surrounding the show includes accusations of favoritism, questionable voting decisions, sexist comments from producers, and more.

(Photo: Mnet)
Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”

Recently, the Vata dancer, member and leader of the We Dem Boyz dance group, drew attention to his choreography for Zico’s new single “New Thing”. In the program, the dancers were tasked with creating the choreography for the “New Thing”.

Vata’s choreography was selected and declared the winner of the challenge. It has since become a popular dance challenge and has even been reported by members of ENHYPEN, ITZY, NCT Dream, fromis_9 and others.

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Street Man Fighter Vata

(Photo: TheQoo)
Choreography of Vata’s Street Man Fighter dancer to Zico’s New Thing

However, the intro to Vata’s choreography pointed out that it is very similar to the choreography in ATEEZ’s 2019 chorus, “Say My Name.” The dance choreography for “Say My Name” was created by Josh Smith and Anze Skrube.


(Photo: TheQoo)
ATEEZ choreography for “Say My Name”

This eventually led to a debate among fans about whether the dance move was copied, and allegations of plagiarism surfaced.

Among the accusations, Vata did not respond to this issue. However, it has been noted that the dance intro has been banned from the official dance video “New Thing”, prompting speculation that the dancers are aware of the plagiarism accusations.

ATEEZ Wooyoung reportedly weakens Vata in its latest developments

Following the event, fans believe ATEEZ member Wooyoung is indirectly hitting Vata during the group’s recent performance in 2022 KCON Saudi Arabia.

In particular, each of the ATEEZ members came to the central stage to showcase their dancing skills during the dance break. When it was Wooyoung’s turn, he apparently used it as an opportunity to send a message.

Did ATEEZ Wooyoung cast Shade in

(Photo: TheQoo)
ATEEZ Wooyoung performing a “kick” or “biting” sign with his hand

During his dance break, Wooyoung can be seen making a “copy” or “biting” sign with his hand, a gesture used by street dancers to signal that the next move was made by another dancer without respect or recognition. Immediately after making the sign with his hand, Wooyoung began making the characteristic dance move of “Say My Name”.

This “kicking” or “biting” hand sign was also visible during an episode Street Man Fighterwhich was performed by a 5000 dancer (also known as the Ocheon).

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While ATEEZ did not mention a problem with the choreography for “New Thing,” fans believe it is a clear stab at the Street Man Fighter dancer.

What do you think?

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