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Director of ‘Narco-Saints’ reportedly cut a large amount of screen time for Kim Min-gwi due to controversy over his private life

It has been revealed that Kim Min-gwi’s screen time in Netflix’s drama “Narco-Saints” was significantly cut short due to his scandals that erupted during the filming of the movie.

A member of the Narco-Saints production team recently said: “The Kim Min-gwi scandal broke out when we were shooting on Jeju Island last summer, so we had to organize an emergency meeting. Director Yoon decided to cut back on many sequences in the remainder of Kim Min-gwi’s screen time. The atmosphere on the set was quite heavy for a moment. They explained that it was difficult to eliminate Kim Min-gwi from the drama because the character of the deacon played by Kim Min-gwi was very important to the plot.

While the production crew was filming at the Honeymoon House in Jeju, which was set as the residence of drug lord Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min), last July was the girlfriend Kim Min-gwi with whom he had been dating for 6 years. years, they exposed the problems with the actor’s private life and posted their Kakaotalk conversations online. She said, “When Kim Min-gwi was seeing me, he had a one-night stand, met me several times and verbally abused me. Even during the quarantine period, Covid-19 left the house at dawn to meet a model. ”

Due to unexpected controversy, Kim Min-gwi’s second lead role in JTBC’s drama “Whatever,” starring Song Kang and Han So-hee, was canceled. Apart from scenes where only his back appeared, his screen time in the remaining episodes was cut almost 100%. It was a bolt from the blue that struck just as Kim Min-gwi drew attention with his performance in a series of drama and movies such as TVN’s “LUCA: The Beginning”, “Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming” and Netflix “Kingdom : Ashin of the North “etc.

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Added “Narco-Saints” employee, “Deacon Lee Sang-joon played by Kim Min-gwi is a villain but also a charismatic character who remains loyal and protects his boss, Jeon Yo-hwan to the end. However, the actor did not fulfill the role due to his past actions. It’s a pity Kim Min-gwi wasn’t able to introduce his character and be part of the drama promotion line-up. “

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Meanwhile, Kim Min-gwi revealed his handwritten apology on Instagram on July 27 last year, saying: “It’s true that I have hurt a friend who has been sharing many things with me for a long time and I am wondering about myself.”. However, the reaction of Internet users was cold.

Source: Daum


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