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‘Discriminatory’? The NCT 127 album cover gets mixed reactions from NCTzens – here’s why

‘Discriminatory’?  The NCT 127 album cover gets mixed reactions from NCTzens – here’s why

NCT 127’s cover art for their fourth album repackaging received mixed reactions from the NCTzens. With its display, fans described the cover as “discriminatory”.

Here’s why the cover received negative reactions.

(Photo: Twitter, pannchoa)

‘Discriminatory’? NCT 127’s album cover evokes mixed reactions from NCTzens

On January 20, the NCTzens expressed their thoughts online about the NCT 127 cover on their fourth album repackage.

NC 127

(Photo: Panchoa)

On the cover, the boys pose in a simple studio in their monochrome outfits. Fans noticed that member Taeyong was the only one wearing white while the rest of the members were wearing black clothes.

In addition to Taeyong’s outfit, they also called out the group’s formation, stating that Taeyong stands too far ahead.

They implied that SM Entertainment was promoting Taeyong’s image by overshadowing the rest of the members.

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NCTzens expressed frustration on the cover:

“Have you ever seen an album cover that was so discriminatory towards people?”

“Realistically speaking, this is the last album of the eldest hyung before joining the military.”

“But even with 9 members, the same member still stands out. The album cover is especially bad.”

“Honestly, it’s like the main character and his side characters.”

“Except for Taeyong, I bet all the members are getting a reality slap right now. How an album cover can look like this.”

While NCT 127’s album cover became a topic of conversation around town, some fans posted similar examples from other groups such as DIA, SNSD, and Super Junior, suggesting that the concept was common for album covers.

Check out the examples below:


(Photo: Panchoa)


(Photo: Panchoa)

Super Junior

(Photo: Panchoa)

SM Entertainment apologizes for mishaps with NCT 127 album

In other news, SM issued an apology for the mishaps during the promotion of NCT 127.

On September 16, 2022, NCT 127 released their long-awaited comeback “2 Baddies”.

NCT 127, the fourth regular album

(Image credit: NCT 127 Twitter)

According to sources, fans called SM Entertainment for missing member Doyoung’s photocard. SM immediately addressed the matter via an online apology.

They acknowledged the problem and expressed their regret for the error, asking fans for understanding. The agency also apologized to Doyoung and the members. In addition, SM reassured fans that they were looking for a way to add Doyoung’s photo as soon as possible.

NCT 127 2 Villains

(Photo: Twitter: @NCTsmtown_127)

Although it was difficult to retrieve the albums, they offered to reprint another booklet with Doyoung’s photo. SM added that fans who purchased the digipack version of “2 Baddies” will receive a booklet.

SM Entertainment released the following statement:

“Hi, this is SM Entertainment.

We have confirmed that the DOYOUNG image is missing from the digipack version of NCT127’s fourth album “2 Baddies”.

We sincerely apologize to the fans, DOYOUNG and the rest of the members of NCT 127 for not scrutinizing all the parts in the process of designing the album cover.

After checking the omission of the image, we tried to find a way to replace the image in the album released today (16th). However, we have found that it has been difficult to retrieve albums that are already being shipped to suppliers and customers.

The booklets will be reprinted and distributed to those who received the Digipack with the missing photo as soon as possible, with details to be announced separately as soon as finalized.

Once again, we deeply apologize to the fans for our error and inconvenience.”

Do you agree with NCTzens reaction to the album cover? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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