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Exclusive: NCT 127 defines what it means to be “Neo” and highlights their charms at the “2 Baddies” press conference

NCT 127 is finally back with the highly anticipated title from “2 Baddies”!

On September 16, NCT 127 held a press conference ahead of the release of their fourth studio album, “2 Baddies,” to talk about their return. JaeJae was the MC at the press conference, starting the press conference with great excitement. After an energetic greeting to the group, the members took turns introducing their album and discussing their preparations for the album.

Asked how NCT 127 has spent the time since the release of their third studio album, Sticker, last year, Johnny said, “We’ve been hosting Neo City: The Link concerts since December and are busy with our world tour.” Jaehyun also mentioned individual projects such as the NCTLAB project. For the new album, Doyoung expressed his excitement saying, “I think a legendary album will be released.”

Members also highlighted some of their B-sides, starting with “Faster”. Jaehyun introduced the song, sharing, “This is a great song to start the album,” commenting that it gives off the nervous excitement of standing on the starting line. Members also introduced “Time Lapse” which Mark and Taeyong worked on together, “Crash Landing” which is very similar to NCT 127’s love song, and “1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)” which Taeil described as a fan song NCTzens.

Regarding “1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)” Jungwoo commented, “I really like fan songs and NCTzens like them too, so I wanted to present this song.” JaeJae jokingly commented, “He has a lot of lucky numbers. I used to use 127 as my password. “

In the title track “2 Baddies” Taeyong shared that the song represented NCT 127 themselves, calling it very “Neo”. Doyoung said, “How how [Jaehyun] He introduced ‘Faster’ earlier, I personally think it would be nice to listen to ‘2 Baddies’ right after. ” He joked: “I recommend listening to it in the car, not exceeding the speed limit, and the song will make you feel good.”

Members also watched the video of the performance for “2 Baddies” for the first time at the press conference. Taeyong shared: “I think when I watch my band perform my heart gets warm for some reason because all of our members are doing a great job. I think, “Wow, this is our team.” Johnny added: “When we agreed to end our practice at 23:00, for example, I suggested that we practice one more time. But the performance was much better. “

Johnny also revealed that NCT 127 will travel to Los Angeles and Newark soon. Johnny shared: “We are making every effort to try something new as this is our first comeback [to the United States] in two to three years. We hope NCTzens in the states are looking forward to it. “

Check out members’ answers to more questions below:

Q: What are your ambitions for this return?

Taeyong: I always think about it a lot, but every time we promote, we say something like this: let’s have fun. We have to have fun so that the fans can also have fun. Let’s not get hurt and be healthy.

Ground: Instead of telling you about our determination, we’ll just show you our performances in the future!

Q: How did you feel while preparing for this album?

Doołoga: Since this is our first comeback in a long time and our fans have waited a long time as well, and not the results, we hope our fans will feel that this album and this band are worth waiting for. While the results are important, the most important thing is that our fans think when they listen to the album, “That’s why I have waited so long.”

Q: What were your first thoughts when you listened to the demo song?

Doołoga: There is a video of “2 Baddies” being listened to for the first time in the training room of our Japanese tour. I’m not sure if this music video will be released, but they all felt the beat and danced and it was a happy reaction without a doubt. It’s a song that really reflects our tastes so I was really happy.

Q: Do you have specific goals for this album? How would you describe what a song “Neo-like” is?

Johnny: As we always say, we’re just happy if the fans are satisfied. If we need to set a goal [for Billboard]I think that’s the # 1 hit. Everyone is happy about the good results – it’s like a competitive spirit!

Taeyong: I think I remember we were always making difficult concepts and I was always worried looking at the makeup and outfits of the members, wondering, “Is that going to be okay?” But now I think we took that “Neo” style and that style has become cool. Neo is neither weird nor unique, but it stands out.

Q: Where do you want to “accelerate”? (Refers to the Korean title of their song “2 Baddies.”)

Jaehyun: [We hope] people rush forward without regret and relieve stress.

Taeyong: I want us to be a band that will last a long time… For the next 20 to 30 years, would you like to “speed up” with us?

Q: How would you introduce your music to turn people into fans?

Taeyong: First of all, it’s not because I’m the band leader or a member of that team, but I think this team is so talented, I think there’s nothing we can’t do. This is our charming point. We have a very diverse range of colors, so it’s impossible not to fall in love with the band more and more… If we manage to break the record with this album, I’m really prepared to be happy.

Doołoga: NCT 127 is like a malatang. Until a few years ago it wasn’t that well known, but now it’s weird if you don’t eat it. In this sense, I think we make music similar to Malatang. Become our fan.

Q: What are your thoughts on the potential end of Lee Soo Man’s contract as executive producer?

Taeyong: We’ve been with Lee Soo Man since our interns, so we can’t imagine SM without Lee Soo Man. He really loved 2 Baddies so hopefully this album won’t be the last he will produce.

Wrapping up the press conference, Mark talked about their development as a group with the release of their fourth studio album and suggested presenting new songs and performances for the upcoming concerts. On the reason the video was released the day before the album, Doyoung jokingly remarked, “The clip turned out really well, so we just wanted to show it sooner.” Mark added: “As a fan of NCT 127 I was really happy.”

If you haven’t already, check out the music video for “2 Baddies” here!

See Jaehyun in “Dear.M”:

Watch now

Also, catch Doyoung in “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” below:

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