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EXO Kai “Benefits of luxury brand ambassadors? 30% discount in all stores worldwide”

EXO Kai “Benefits of luxury brand ambassadors?  30% discount in all stores worldwide”

On March 13, a teaser video titled “Lee Yong Jin and Lee Jin Ho are back with a spicier flavor!” was uploaded to the YouTube channel “YongjinHo Health Center”.

Earlier, comedian Lee Jin Ho joined the show and changed the name of the channel from “Yongjin’s Health Center” to “YongjinHo Health Center”. They laughed when they said:Mamamoo, Timothée Chalamet, Kim Hye Soo, Apink, Kim Yeon Koung, Ma Dong Seok, BTS, Twice, Lee Kyung Kyu, Iron Man, Son Heung Min, Red Velvet, Daniel Henney, NCT, Lim Young Woong, Oh My Girl. .. We hope they will come to our concert.

On that day, Lee Yong Jin expressed his determination to start the program, “In Season 3, we’ll be using the guy purely as a tool.


Seeing EXO Kai appear as the first guest, Lee Jin Ho said:Since Kai’s influence is enormous, even the president of Gucci will comment.Then Lee Yong Jin asked:What benefits do ambassadors receive?

Kai replied:30% discount in all stores worldwide.“Lee Yong Jin made everyone burst out laughing saying,”I’ll say it only after I close my eyes. Let me get a discount too.

Meanwhile, the online entertainment show “YongjinHo Health Center” starring Kai will air episode 1 on March 16. Kai returned with his third EP “Rover” on March 13th.

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