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EXO Suho comments on Wendy’s ‘sixth member of Red Velvet’ photo.

EXO Suho comments on Wendy’s ‘sixth member of Red Velvet’ photo.

Every fan knows how great ReVeluv Suho is. In a recent post by Red Velvet Wendy, EXO Suho gained attention online, due to her fanboying on Wendy’s Instagram photo.

Here’s what Suho commented on Wendy’s post.

EXO Suho channels his inner reVeluv again with Wendy’s new hairstyle

On December 22, EXO Suho posted a comment on Wendy’s Instagram photo. In the photo, Wendy had a new haircut. No wonder Suho acts like a normal fan since Wendy’s short bob is the reason.

(Image credit: Instagram: @weareone.exo)

With hilarious timing and a normal fan reaction, the EXO leader spoke about a happy new year, along with a new haircut and an introduction to Red Velvet. No wonder he’s the sixth member of Red Velvet!

Check the entry below:

Commentary by Red Velvet Wendy and EXO Suho

(Photo: Facebook: SineHub)
Commentary by Red Velvet Wendy and EXO Suho

Both ReVeluvs and EXO-Ls were turned down by Suho’s actions considering how much he compares as a fan!

“Dry Fanboy mode is on.”

“@weareone.exo this guy @kimjuncotton changed his group. Please wish him luck!”

“Wow, Jun-myeon, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m just here to find Suho’s comment to be honest”

“He is indeed the president of ReVeluv!”

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Initially on December 18, Red Velvet Wendy revealed her short new hairstyle on Instagram. The post gained attention for its look and refreshing style. Some even claimed that Wendy gave off an actress vibe, due to her radiant elegance in the photo.

They were amazed at how she experiments with different styles as she is viral in setting trendy hairstyles. Wendy has even been dubbed the “Queen Card” of hairstyles by fans.

Threading the endless EXO saga Suho as president of ReVeluv

This isn’t the first time Suho has expressed his love for Red Velvet. In fact, he has expressed his inner fanboy many times in his hoobae group, and it’s totally understandable.

It goes without saying that EXO’s Suho loves Red Velvet and acts like any fan. EXO-Ls and ReVeluvs touched on his fanboying at the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships.

In this event, Suho was seen cheering for Red Velvet as they waited their turn in the competition. Talk about a supportive senior and supporter!

Suho has regularly shown his affection for Red Velvet, whether at award ceremonies or on music shows. This became so frequent that he instilled a funny commotion among his members, asking him if he wanted to be the sixth member of Red Velvet already.

Fans often caught Suho fanboying over Red Velvet despite interacting with the same company.

Watch Suho show off ReVeluv in these videos:

Has Suho’s fanboying made your day? What do you think the CEO of ReVeluv will do next in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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