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EXO’s DO is patiently waiting for the perfect moment at work in the new poster “Bad prosecutor”

EXO’s DO is working hard on its new poster for “Bad Prosecutor”!

KBS 2TV’s ‘Bad Prosecutor’ is a new drama about an ill-bred prosecutor who believes in fighting for justice at all costs. EXO’s DO will star as Jin Jung, the eponymous “evil prosecutor” who is determined to defeat those who use wealth and power to live above the law, while Lee Se Hee stars as senior prosecutor Shin Ah Ra.

Jin Jung is a handsome and intriguingly charming man who makes all women swoon, but is a clumsy, ecosystem disruptive, “bad prosecutor” who will make a mark on prosecution history. By punishing corrupt people in power with shortcuts rather than the right way, tricks instead of standard methods, and bad behavior instead of hard work, Jin Jung takes the side of the weak and meets them eye to eye, refreshingly repaying them with actions that are 10 times worse than theirs. crimes.

Before the premiere of the drama, KBS released a new poster with a “special image” on which Jin Jung works hard and passionately delves into the investigation. In the poster, Jin Jung is sitting in the car, watching someone. She holds the camera tight, waiting for the perfect moment to take the right shot.

The poster says: “Prosecutor Jin, who was built in the field, is coming!”

To briefly introduce his character, DO shared: “Jin Jung is a cowardly prosecutor who fights for justice.” He added: “The script was very funny and the story was fun. As a character I had never tried before, I thought Jin Jung had a lot of charm, so I joined [the drama]”.

KBS producers shared: “With this pre-release special, you’ll be curious to see what“ evil prosecutor ”Jin Jung will do on the spot in an attempt to refreshly punish the hordes of evil. Please watch over the passionate Do Kyung Soo game [D.O.’s birth name] which explodes “refreshing feast”, mobilizing powerful methods that go beyond your imagination. “

The premiere of “Bad Prosecutor” on October 5 at 21:50 KST. Check out the teaser here!

In the meantime, watch DO in “100 Days My Prince”:

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