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Fan Claims DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Mother Made Them Go To JMS Church In Bombshell Interview

Fan Claims DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Mother Made Them Go To JMS Church In Bombshell Interview

Kyoungyoun’s mother responded to the allegations.

The girl dropped it DKŻ‘S Kyoungyountheir mother forced them to attend a church associated with the controversial JMS cult.

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March 16 SBS news posted an interview with a fan who claimed that DKZ Kyoungyouon’s mother lured them to JMS Church. It was previously revealed that DKZ Kyoungyoon’s mother ran a coffee shop associated with the JMS cult. In addition, it was revealed that the idol’s aunt was a pastor at a church affiliated with the cult.

DKZ Kyoungyoon’s family is still suspected of being a follower of JMS due to his relationship with a “pastor” aunt

In the interview, the fan revealed that he agreed to an interview with SBS News to draw attention to the lies contained in previous statements made by the idol and his family member.

After reading Kyoungyoung and interviewing his mother, I contacted Kyoungyoung’s mother and his label to ask why they were lying, but I never got an answer. Besides the (betrayal) I felt as a fan of the singer, it was really hard for me to find out that the person I was relying on was a JMS messenger and that the words she (Kyoungyoon’s mother) told me came from the teachings of JMS.

– Fan

According to a fan, they were first introduced at JMS Church on October 29. The fan revealed that from May last year they would visit the cafe alone. Fan stated that they started to rely on Kyoungyoon’s mother to listen to them and that whenever they felt down, they would visit the coffee shop.

After talking a lot, we became close, Kyoungyoon’s mother asked me if I had a religion. When I told her no, she encouraged me to find her. I told her that I wanted to pray, but because I was in an unfamiliar area, I didn’t know where to go. She then told me that there is a church that the Kyoungyoun family attends. She then encouraged me to come to her church the next day, which was Sunday. I met Kyoungyoon’s mother and his grandmother at the promised time, and we entered the church together. Kyoungyoon’s mother was a deacon at the church, and when the service started, she came over, spoke, and sang while the preacher, also known as Kyoungyoon’s aunt, preached. I remember the love service. Only ten people gathered in a small place for a service. I remember there were stairs to the second floor.

– Fan

Fans revealed that they did not realize at first that the church was different from other churches. In fact, a fan stated that “The members of the church made such a good impression on me because they were warm and kind to me. It got to the point where I realized I had a lot of preconceptions about Christians.

A fan then stated that after the service, Kyoungyoon’s mother started preaching to them about JMS doctrine and beliefs.

She said we are the brides of god. She said that God loves us very much and that this love is a thousand times greater than the love between a parent and a child. It wasn’t until I watched Netflix’s “In God’s Name: Sacred Betrayal” that I realized these were the teachings of the JMS.

– Fan

According to fans, because they lived far from the church, they never went to church again, and Kyoungyoon’s mother never asked them to come back. Fan stated that they were very happy to meet someone as nice as Kyoungyoon’s mother, but they went through a hard time when they found out that everything Kyoungyoon’s mother told them were JMS teachings.

It was difficult for me to decipher whether I had been preached or if I had really been comforted.

– Fan

The fan then stated that when they contacted Kyoungyoon’s mother and his label for an apology, they never got a response.

When I first found out that the coffee shop was associated with JMS, I contacted Kyoungyoon’s mother because I wanted to tell her something, but her phone number had changed. I then emailed the label as I wanted an apology but never got a reply. After watching the JMS documentary, despite my concerns for my safety, I speak today to ease my heavy heart after reading the interviews of other JMS victims.

– Fan

SBS News then contacted the label, who, after talking to Kyoungyoon’s mother, stated that the fans’ allegations were false. According to a label representative, the mother denied ever asking a fan to come to her church.

The fan in question frequented the coffee shop and became friends with his mother (Kyoungyoon) in this way. There were times when they stayed (in the area) for four nights and five days. Since the fan often told Kyoungyoon’s mother about depression, she encouraged the fan to go to any church, not hers, but any church, be it the fan’s family attended, the terminal church, or any church, and hoped it will comfort the fan and help him become better. Then one Sunday, a fan showed up at (Kyoungyoon’s mother’s) church in the middle of the service and sat in the back. After the service, a fan told her that they had gained strength and were feeling better, so Kyoungyoon’s mother was relieved and advised her to find another church. Kyoungyoon’s mother denies ever recommending a fan to go to her church.

— Dongyo Entertainment

The fan then dismissed Kyoungyoon’s mother’s statements and confirmed that they were encouraged to go to the idol’s mother’s church.

Kyoungyoon’s mother told me the day before to go to her family church. I came not during the service but before the promised time and entered the church with Kyoungyoon’s mother and his grandmother who arrived in a white SUV.

– Fan

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