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‘Fanletter, please’ shares new photos and closing remarks of Yoon Bak and Sooyoung ahead of finals

The stars of “Fanletter, Please” shared their last words of thanks ahead of the series finale!

Fanletter, Please is a romantic comedy starring Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation as Han Kang Hee, an A-list actress facing the biggest crisis of her career. Yoon Bak stars as Bang Jung Suk, the first love of Han Kang Hee, a devoted single father whose young daughter is battling leukemia. To protect her daughter’s pure heart, who is a huge fan of Han Kang Hee, she writes fake replies to her fan letters to the actress.

Drama has also released new photos that herald the final episode of the series! The shots capture the romantic chemistry that explodes between Bang Jung Suk and Hang Kang Hee and makes viewers’ hearts beat a little faster. In the photos of the two spending time together, their romantic tension is more than obvious as they get to know each other again.

Finally, both stars shared their closing remarks on the show. Sooyoung began by saying, “It’s my first time doing a four-part series and I’m a little disappointed that it all comes to an end once we get to know each other’s faces and names and settle in on set. It’s a little more disappointing and doesn’t feel as real as long-running drama. Thanks to Yoo Na (Shin Yeon Woo), Dong Goo (Jin Yoo Chan) and Jung Suk (Yoon Bak), the set was always fun and healing during filming.”

Yoon Bak commented, “It’s sad that it all ended while we were getting used to the film set. This is why [the series] was so compressed that I think we were able to present content that was much more compact. I am especially grateful to Sooyoung and our child actors with whom I was able to work.”

Along with their comments, “Fanletter, Please” published photos of the two main stars and cute child actors on set. It is certainly sad that the end of this touching drama is coming so soon, but viewers should definitely be excited to see how the series ends!

To find out if Han Kang Hee will be able to overcome the biggest crisis of his career, watch the final episode of “Fanletter, Please” on November 26 at 21:35 KST.

In the meantime, you can start watching the subtitled drama below!

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