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Fans are looking forward to BLACKPINK’s return, but some are looking at the artwork for the “BORN PINK” teaser poster

Do you love it or hate it?

Hear, Hear! A group of girls BLACK PINK will be back soon with the premiere of the new album, BORN PINK. The album is released on September 16, 2022 and everyone is very excited!

BLACK PINK | YG Entertainment

The album marks their long-awaited new musical legacy since Lovesick Girls. Since then, the girls have been working on individual projects. Jennie, Lisa and Rose all dropped out of their solo songs while Jisoo starred in the acclaimed drama, Snowdrop. The fans missed the girls in the foursome a lot and are so excited BORN PINK excitedly.

Fans were a bit surprised when the D-DAY teaser poster fell at midnight on September 16, 2022. While they couldn’t wait to fall, the poster’s unique and unexpected artwork left them on the fence for the project.

The design is abstract with four girls on a white background. If you look closely you’ll see how Jennie’s hair is frosty white and merges with what appears to be the fur sleeve of Lisa’s jacket. The overall shape resembles a fox’s tail. Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo keep their hands in the frame with their long nails in plain view. Rosé is the only one that doesn’t show any nails. The idea reminded fans of Gumiho, the legendary fox who seduces people. While clearly everyone is excited about BLACKPINK, the graphics left a little more to be desired.

Internet users’ reactions to the poster. | theqoo

  • “Background Removal is a new LOL”
  • “Why does the poster look like the background has been removed on an iPhone?”
  • “Finally … I’m shaking.”
  • “Have I just been reminded to remove the background with my iPhone?”
  • “Lisa came out nice.”
  • “There is something new with this.”
  • “It’s today.”

While no one questioned their love of girls, some had a choice of “iPhone quality” art. Considering how much this return is expected, fans just want everything to be perfect, just as BLACKPINK deserves!



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