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Fans of “Boys Planet” contestant Ricky desperately want him not to be eliminated

Fans of “Boys Planet” contestant Ricky desperately want him not to be eliminated

The guys from Yuehua Entertainment have great potential!

At this point in Planet of the boys most viewers seem to have picked at least a few of their favorite contestants, if not already made up their ideal top nine finalists.

Some people are happy with the current top nine contestants from last episode, while others have favorites that aren’t there. It is especially frustrating and annoying when your favorite is just outside the top rivals!

One such fan favorite is Ricky global group.


Thanks to his handsome visuals, undeniable talent and charisma on stage, and funny personality, Ricky has already won a strong support group from the show’s viewers.

However, Ricky is ranked 14th in the show’s most recent ranking – an impressive ranking for any of the 50+ contestants still on the show Planet of the boysbut not enough to ensure his victory.

So the Chinese intern has many fans who beg more people to vote for him to move up in the rankings before the end of the show!

In a post posted on a Korean online forum, the author outlines many reasons why they believe Ricky deserves a spot in the final nine. These reasons include his hardworking personality, the effort he puts into his appearance, his quiet demeanor despite his handsome appearance, and his fondness for strawberry milk.

It seems the author is definitely not alone in his love for Ricky! Here are some comments from Korean fans under the post showing their support.

| Mr. Nate

  • “I really feel the same way as you and I want to give Ricky all my 6 votes every day”
  • “I pick Ricky every day but he’s in the danger zone so it’s driving me crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s badly edited all the time. Debut please”
  • “Ricky’s personality is a different kind of cold and calm, but he does everything he’s been given and he’s a good performer, so I fucking like him”
  • “Ricky is Too Handsome”
  • “Even the way he spoke in his movie White Day was handsome. He looks like a handsome kid from an internet novel. He looks handsome in a dope way and that’s a compliment.”

Many international fans seem to have a soft spot for him Yuehua Entertainment intern too!

Is Ricky part of your dream squad for the final nine? Planet of the boys?

Source: Miss Nate and Miss Choa


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