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Fans of stray kids go on a date with Bang Chan and each other, and it’s as healthy as it sounds

Stray childrenBang Chan he always went out of his way to show his fans how much they mean to him. Has weekly live broadcasts, Khan’s roomto have time to chat with fans.

On Valentine’s Day, Bang Chan made a splash by inviting his fans on a date and asking what he should wear.

Fans reciprocated the idol’s romantic energy and made their own date plans, which mostly included lots of good desserts.

A special episode Khan’s room really showed the attention of Bang Chan, who paid special attention to the filters and music in the broadcast.

He even brought his fans chocolates and a golden rose.

Now the idol is becoming popular again, taking his fans on a date, while Bang Chan arranged a time for him and his fans to watch the movie together.

For this date, Bang Chan chose a Japanese animated film Airing out with you.

In the summer of high school, Hodaka flees his remote island to Tokyo and is quickly forced to financial and personal boundaries. The weather is extremely gloomy and rainy every day, as if it heralds his future. He lives in isolation, but eventually finds a job as a writer for a mysterious occult journal. One day, Hodaka meets Hina on a busy street corner. This bright, strong-willed girl has a strange and wonderful ability: the power to hold back the rain and clear the sky …

– Rotten Tomatoes summary

Airing out with you poster

Once again, the fans were getting excited about their date with Bang Chan.

And we were delighted with the movie, enjoying the emotional story.

Even if Bang Chan’s unexpected comment about his outfit or lack of it upset them before the movie began.

Perhaps the most unexpected part of the date was that STAY actually felt like they were all on a date together when they created the hashtag #weatheringwithchan so they could chat live with each other about the movie.

Some fans even suspected that Bang Chan would find a hashtag and watch STAYs reactions.

This seems entirely plausible since Bang Chan has updated his Bubble status to “Airing with STAY”Proving that he probably saw the hashtag.

The fans were incredibly grateful for Bang Chan’s kindness to create another meaningful memory with them.

Hopefully, Bang Chan and STAY will be able to spend more time interacting this way in the future.


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