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Fans praise Sakura LE SSERAFIM for speaking out against HYBE’s dietary expectations of members – and criticize HYBE for allegedly misinterpreting her words

Fans believe HYBE changed its words to protect its image.

SSERAPHIM‘s Sakura she receives praise when fans see her speaking out against MOVEMENTSdietary expectations of her and her members, while HYBE has been criticized for allegedly mis-translating her words to mitigate them.

Sakura | @ 39saku_chan / Instagram

With the release of the documentary LE SSERAFIM The world is my oyster, fans took a close look at the difficult process the band members had to go through to make their debut. As an already seasoned idol, Sakura herself had a lot to say about the subject, including her personal battle with prejudices about her age as an “elder idol” and the devastating judgment she received for her singing.


She also realized the grueling schedule of the day that members followed as interns, which often ended at dawn.

But after watching episode three of the documentary, fans are proud to stand up for Sakura’s members regarding the dietary expectations the company had of them.

In the third episode, team members joined the management team for a meeting to discuss their progress. Leader of the management team, Kim Hyeong Eunstated that members had to learn to strictly manage themselves by referring to their diet during periods of promotion.

Hearing this, Sakura rose emotionally and honestly said: “We’ve been working so hard, I don’t want us to get stressed about it.”

She added “I’ve seen members fight and criticize for these things.”

Chaewonwho previously made her debut with Sakura in FROM THEMhe agreed, saying: “I wouldn’t have any problem if members had different meal plans …”

… Because Sakura argued that each member should be allowed to eat and diet as they wish.

The other members also agreed with Yunjin arguing that not only should every person take care of their own diet, but also their willingness to diet is important.

After release The world is my oysterfans not only praised Sakura for bringing up the issue and standing up to HYBE …

… But they also expressed frustration with HYBE for allegedly mis-translating the document’s signatures to soften her words.

Twitter user @ TSaku1339’s translation shows a slightly different picture than HYBE’s captions on Youtubeshowing that Sakura was more critical of the company’s stance on the diet than it sounded in the signatures.

| @ saku1339 / Twitter

This is a controversial topic, and HYBE is not the first company to have such strict expectations of its artists, so it may not be surprising that they will try to assemble footage of this discussion.

In any case, Sakura deserves a lot of credit for causing the problem when she saw it!

Watch the full clip of the episode at the link below.


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