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Fantagio has finally revealed its stance on ASTRO Rocky’s suspension rumors

The agency ASTRO Fantagio reacted to the rumor about the suspension of Rocky’s activities.

Fantagio issued an official statement on November 24, saying “The rumor isn’t true at all”.

Later that day, Fantagio made the official SNS ASTRO account aware of this. The agency said “We would like to apologize to AROHA (ASTRO fandom) who have been hurt by the content related to our artist Rocky that is spreading online. We would like to inform you that all content regarding Rocky’s suspension is not true.”

Astro Rocky

Fantagio continued, “We have contacted the brand that has been spreading false information about Rocky’s suspension, which we have never mentioned before, and are waiting for a notice of rectification and apology to resolve the matter peacefully.” addition “However, our agency could not wait any longer, so we decided to announce our position. Please understand our delay in releasing an official statement.”

In the end, the agency said that “Fantagio will do its best to protect artists.”

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Here’s how the problem started. On November 22, the brand for which ASTRO is a global ambassador sent the fans who won the fansigning event a notification in a private message, saying “MJ is currently serving in the military while Rocky has suspended his activities due to recent issues. That’s why you only get autographs from 4 members”causing rumors to spread about Rocky’s suspension of operations.

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Meanwhile, Rocky recently admitted to rumors of dating actress Park Bo Yeon. However, Park Bo Yeon’s agency Management KOO confused fans as they confirmed the two’s relationship as “mates“.

Source: Wikitree


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