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“Finally …” Rumors of a romantic relationship with Jennie and V, suddenly a new music video appeared

A new video leaked on Twitter has reignited rumors of dating between Jennie from BLACKPINK and V from BTS.

June 16 recording of staff laughing at the camera while someone takes a photo V the haircut was posted on Twitter.

The background of the video is the same as the photo disclosed by the hacker saying it was taken at a barbershop on the day rumors surfaced about Jennie and V.

Earlier, there had been rumors of Jennie and V’s romantic relationship as photos of witnesses had been published since May. Some have pointed out that if the men and women in the exposed photos are Jennie and V, they are both victims of a major break-in.

There is also the opinion that the photo leaked by the hacker himself is made up. Internet users claimed that the hacker behind the hacker Lee Do-hyun on Instagram reworked Jennie and V’s photos together. The composition of the disseminated photo and photos posted on Instagram were also compared in terms of validity.

Meanwhile, the relevant idol agencies have not expressed any position on the romantic relationship.

Source: wikitree


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