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Flashing I suspect BLACKPINK Diaries season 2 is coming after members shoot in public

BLINKS can’t wait to see what they’re up to!

BLACK PINKthe latest singles “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down” conquered the world, gaining a total of over 390,000,000 views on Youtubeeven though “Pink Venom” was only released just over 4 weeks ago, and “Shut Down” was only released 2 days ago.

BLACKPINK in the music video “Shut Down” | BLACK PINK / YouTube

BLINKS have been eagerly awaiting the girls’ return since their last studio album in October 2020. Along with the new music, fans were excited to see more additional content from members! One of the most requested series to be returned is called BLACKPINK logsAn online vlog where fans could see the preparations for the group’s world tour and activities in 2019.

The first season was filmed while the members were on their way World tour near youso the BLINKI were hoping to announce them 2022 Born Pink World Tour would also lead to a second season!

Born Pink World Tour official schedule | @ Blackpink / Twitter

Some fans believe the recent footage of BLACKPINK’s shopping and shooting in public confirms that they are shooting a new series!

Some fans also pointed out that BLACKPINK members seemed to be checking their own album on Objective, a popular chain of department stores in America. This could be their filming of preparations for the first leg of the world tour in 2022, which could then be released as a second season BLACKPINK logs!

While there’s no endorsement from the group, BLINKS is definitely looking forward to the premiere of what the girls filmed!



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