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Followers and fans are delighted with Jeon Somi’s parents’ gorgeous looks at a young age and their idol’s effort to pay them back

At 21, Somi possesses the stunning looks received from her parents, a brilliant career and impressive assets.

Recently, Somi’s supporters have been delighted to see younger versions of her parents through a set of photos. From the radiant beauty her parents possessed, it is now obvious where her beauty traits came from. Her father’s old photos got a huge amount of attention and reaction to his beauty and hard-working belly set!

Somi’s birthday father is Douma Matthew, known to fans under the nickname “buff dad”. Douma Matthew was a famous episode of several famous Korean dramas such as “Descendants of the Sun”, “Vagabond” and “Kill Me Heal Me.” Matthew has an unusual physique, and fluid acting, specializing in strong action scenes, pushes the plot forward. Somi also invited her father on set to shoot her “XOXO” music video.

After playing solo, Somi managed to save a huge fortune. A Korean idol once blew out fans for using an “all-powerful black card” reserved only for the super rich in Korea. Moreover, at the age of 21, she also bought a white Mercedes AMG G56 with a list price of $ 699,000, excluding other registration and additional fees.

Somi revealed that she had bought a home for her parents in Seoul, Korea, stating that: “It was only possible because I made my debut at a young age. I opened a restaurant and bought a house for my parents. ”

At 21, Somi has a successful solo career and a flourishing beauty that many love and envy her. The discovery of the idol’s family excites fans as they learn about her biological parents and marvel at the splendor that reigns in the family.


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