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Former BAP Himchan Involved in New Sexual Assault Charges – Here’s What Happened

[Trigger Warning: Mentions of sexual assault, harassment]

In addition to sexual assault allegations that took place in 2018, Himchan is once again faced with new allegations of the same crime after new victims emerged.

Read on to find out more.

Former member of BAP Himchan charged with a new incident of sexual assault

On November 5, it was reported that, according to legal circles, the West Seoul District Court was scheduled to hold the first trial of a former BAP member Himchan on suspicion of sexual assault next month in December.

Reports say that on October 25, Seoul’s West District Prosecutor’s Office accused Himchan of sexual assault without arrest.

According to the prosecution, a former BAP member was charged with compulsorily molesting two women in a bar located in Hannam-dog, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on April 17 this year.

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Two victims claimed that Himchan wrapped his arms around the women’s waist without consent and touched their breasts. Moreover, one of the women was identified as a foreigner.

Thanks to the news of his new sexual assault allegations, Himchan and his upcoming trial are likely to increase public outcry given that this is a new sexual assault case that differs from his 2021 case of the same allegations.

In 2021, Himchan was charged with compulsorily molesting a twenty-year-old woman while staying in a guesthouse in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. The incident reportedly happened in July 2018.

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In February 2021, a court did not arrest Himchan during his first trial in the case, stating: “We will give [Himchan] the opportunity to make an effort to receive forgiveness from the victim ”.

In addition, Himchan was also ordered to serve 10 months in jail and a 40-hour sexual abuse treatment program.

During this time, Himchan also denied the charges against him and even appealed to the court. Himchan stated that he and the woman who accused him had “favorable feelings for each other and had implied consent.”

Himchan is a multiple sexual assault offender

But in his second trial, Himchan eventually pleaded guilty to the sexual assault charges against him. At the trial, Himchan stated, “I confess to all the charges.”


(Photo: Celebrity News)

When the court asked him, “Are you withdrawing your previous claim of innocence and recognition? [all of the charges]? ” Himchan answered yes.

Himchan also made a statement of reflection through his lawyer. He also said it would take him about two months to go through the deposition process. In response, the court confirmed that Himchan had accepted the allegations, confessed and reflected.

Meanwhile, his new sexual assault case is currently underway. The first hearing on this issue is scheduled for December 14 KST.

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In addition to his sexual assault case, Himchan was also caught driving a car under the influence of alcohol on October 26, 2021 at the Hakdong intersection in Gangnam, Seoul. He was caught after he collided with a railing and his blood alcohol level was high enough to revoke his driving license.

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