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Former IZ * ONE Lee Chaeyeon’s solo debut? Speculation arises from these hints

There is speculation in various SNS about ex-IZ * ONE Lee Chaeyeon’s solo debut after K-pop fans spotted THESE clues. Here’s what people say.

Lee Chaeyeon is reportedly getting ready for his solo debut

Korean media service TopStarNews wrote on September 11:

“Lee Chaeyeon, a former member of IZ * ONE, is getting ready to debut as a solo singer.”

For the sake of clarification, the report remains a speculation stemming from these tips over the past weeks. One of them is her dance cover of NewJeans viral song “Hype Boy” from September 7th.

In the uploaded video, the idol impressed K-pop fans with her dancing skills. She also presented her title, “Chaeyeon Feather”, showing off her light but powerful dance technique.

(Photo: Lee Chaeyeon on Instagram)
Lee Chaeyeon

The music video has become a huge topic, not only because of her abilities but also because of widespread speculation about her solo endeavor. This is after some fans have recognized that the idol shot the cover for the dance studio, leaving people wondering if she is preparing or working something that day.

It seems that a statement from her sister ITZA member Chaeryeong has strengthened theories after an update on Chaeyeon’s recent status.

On the MBC program “Radio Star” aired on November 7, an ITZY member appeared as a guest and briefly revealed that her sister was preparing something for the fans.

In particular, when asked about her sister Lee Chaeyeon, who appeared in “Street Woman Fighter,” Lee Chaeryeong said:

“She’s actually preparing something right now. (It) will be fun and soon. “

Lee Chaeyeon

(Photo: WM Entertainment Instagram)
Lee Chaeyeon

Lee Chaeyeon then gave her Chuseok greetings in 2022 via her WM Entertainment’s official YouTube site.

In the movie, Lee Chaeyeon said:

“It’s already the season when you can feel the cool wind. Chuseok (Hangawi) is approaching, a national holiday not to be missed when it comes to autumn. I wish everyone around me, including the fans, had a warm Chuseok. I hope everyone will have a warm Hangawi, and no one will be left out this Christmas, nice and wealthy Hangawi. “

Will Lee Chaeyeon make his solo or group debut?

There are discussions within this report as to whether Chaeyeon will debut as a soloist or make his group debut again.

In 2018, Lee initially made her debut with the girls’ design group IZ * ONE after finishing 12th in Mnet’s survival show “Produce 48”.

She has grown as a lead dancer since then, and her skills have often been on par with the best K-pop dancers BLACKPINK Lisa, TWICE Momo and others.

Lee Chaeyeon has hints about appearing in the new survival program, points out whether he will join as a participant for the fifth time

(Photo: Chaeyeon (News1))

When the group of girls from the project broke up in 2021, Chaeyeon returned to WM Entertainment and eagerly waited for her re-debut with the upcoming group of girls.

However, that same year, Chaeyeon announced her participation in another survival program, Mneta’s “Street Woman Fighter”.

Unfortunately, her WANT crew was eliminated in 7th place. Even so, her dancing skills were highly praised during the program.

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