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Former member Miss A Fei is asked about her feelings about Suzy’s success

Older K-pop fans certainly know JYP Entertainment‘s Miss for.

Group of members Fei, Suzy, Jiaand Min They put the entire industry on high alert when they debuted in 2010 with their hit single “Bad Girl Good Girl.”

Encouraged by the distinctive influence of R&B Park Jin Young, the group dominated the charts with hits such as “Hush”, “Good-bye Baby” and “Only You”.

Despite its popularity, the group was unable to overcome the seven-year curse and officially broke up in 2017. Fei and Jia are now promoting themselves in China, while Min is still active as a singer in Korea. As for Suzy, the singer has become one of K-pop’s most enduring icons and is in high demand in K-Dramas, movies, and commercials.

Although the group is no longer together for many, its members will forever be intertwined, as evidenced by a recent interview with ex-member Fei. In an interview rising in popularity in Korea, Fei is asked what she thinks of Suzy’s success after …Miss for.

Fei | Weibo

Fei praised Suzy’s work ethic for the first time.

Suzy was an apprentice for only ten months, while the rest of the members trained for a long time. Suzy has worked hard to be on par with the other members.

– Fei

The interviewer then asked: “What do you think of Suzy’s success? Many say they know Miss A thanks to Suzy.To which Fei gracefully replied that she was happy with Suzy’s success.

Suzy is amazing. I am very happy with her success. He works really hard. JYP Entertainment was really pushing her hard. Ultimately, it means more people find out about it Miss which is a good thing.

– Fei

Fei has also been very successful herself. After the promotion in China began, the singer appeared in serials and became a star thanks to her performance in the music show Sisters who make waves, thanks to which her popularity took first place on the Weibo 2020 list for rising stars. Fei has released her long-awaited Chinese album Fearless in 2021 and his single “Stalker” took first place on China’s largest music streaming platform QQ music.

Check out the music video for the song in the link below!


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