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Former members of IZ * ONE have fans who feel soft thanks to their heartfelt response to Chaeyeon’s solo debut

“IZ * ONE means family.”

Members of the former group of girls FROM THEM let the fans feel soft as everyone shows their heartfelt support for Chaeyeon.

Chaeyeon | @ chestival_ / Instagram

It was recently confirmed that Chaeyeon will make his solo debut in October. The news was seemingly corrupted by her sister, ITZY‘s Chaeryeongwhen she mentioned Chaeyeon was “We’ll be releasing something cool soon.”

Chaeyeon’s upcoming debut is especially welcome as her lack of a solo debut has started to raise concerns over the past year. And it looks like the fans weren’t the only ones still cheering for her: IZ * ONE has once again proved that they are family!

FROM * ONE | @ official_izone / Instagram

Chaeyeon shared that when she texted IZ * ONE’s group chat, none of the members responded with the hottest support. It even made Chaeyeon tear apart …

… And the fans too!

Not only that, but SSERAPHIMa group with members of IZ * ONE Chaewon and Sakura has already debuted, and is expected to return for the first time in October. This leaves fans in shock to see Chaeyeon’s promotions overlap with Chaewon’s and Sakura’s promotions.

After all, it’s been a long time since all the members were seen together despite being so close. But if there’s one thing that Chaeyeon’s upcoming solo debut has proven, it’s that they’ll stay family forever.

| @ official_izone / Instagram


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