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Freezia signs an exclusive deal with Sublime Artist Agency

Freezia signs an exclusive deal with Sublime Artist Agency

According to the broadcaster, Freezia plans to resume broadcasting on March 15 after signing an exclusive deal with Sublime Artist Agency.

In December 2021, Freezia gained popularity by starring in the first season of the Netflix dating show “Single’s Inferno”. Emerging as the “icon of the MZ generation,” Song Ji Ah signed an exclusive contract with Hyowon CNC, co-represented by actress Kang Ye Won, and was actively involved in both YouTube activities and broadcast appearances.

However, early last year she was embroiled in the so-called “fashion inauthentic controversy” for using counterfeit products from famous brands. After being depressed and reflecting on her actions for some time, Ji Ah returned to YouTube after 5 months and seemed to be back on her feet gaining over 2 million subscribers. However, after her departure from the former agency, Ji Ah’s activities were put on hold for several months.

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Now she has joined Sublime Artist Agency, which also manages Song Kang Ho, Kim Hee Jung, Yoon Jeong Hee, Ki Eun Se, Tiffany Young, Hani, Jackson Wang, Youngjae, Baek Ye Rin and Jung Ye In. In addition, figures from various fields are also associated with this company, such as model Han Jae In, Han Eu Ddeum, and choreographer Kim Ji Hyang.

Attention is focused on what future Freezia will be moving towards within her new agency.

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