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“From 2017 …” The SBS variety program announced the end of the first season after 5 years

Season 1 of the famous entertainment program has ended.

The SBS entertainment program “Master in the House” ended season 1 after 5 years with a broadcast on September 18.

On that day, the members concluded Season 1 by singing Song Chang-sik and Jung Hoon-hee’s “We’re”.

Lee Seung-gi, the show’s lead MC, said: “The show that I started shooting from the day I got fired in 2017 was Master in the House.”

He expressed his feelings, “When I saw Master Song Chang-sik, I was very surprised that he was practicing the metronome rhythm every day, which is the most basic. It’s really annoying, but I also want to create something by constantly following the basics. I’ll be back with this season 2 ”.

master at home

Doyoung announced “We are very much looking forward to the second season. I’ll be back in a nicer way. Thank you.”

Eun Ji-won thanked the members for their hard work, “I joined not long ago as Doyoung. Before that, our Seung-gi, Dong-hyun and Se-hyung did a great job. “

master at home

Meanwhile, “Master in the House” ended season 1 of “Song Chang-sik” episode. It is planned to return with season 2 after a revamp.

Source: wikitree


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