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From cute baby to hip-pop star: Bibi’s fascinating transformation

From cute baby to hip-pop star: Bibi’s fascinating transformation

Bibi recently shared some childhood photos on her Instagram. Fans were amazed at how cute and fashionable she already looked back then.

The 25-year-old singer, who made her debut in 2019, is gaining popularity with her unique voice and charming personality.

On March 13, Bibi posted four childhood photos with the caption saying she was “very introverted.” However, the photos showed a different side to her, with different facial expressions and poses that caught everyone’s attention. Fans were particularly drawn to her striking facial features, which remain the same to this day.

In one of the photos, Bibi winks at the camera, while in another, she strikes a cool pose that shows off her hips.

Fans and netizens were impressed by her natural charm and left comments such as “You were born to be a star”, “Even as a child you were different from others” and “You looked so sweet and cute”.

In 2019, Bibi debuted with the song “BINU”, which quickly gained popularity. She then released other hits such as “KAZINO” and “RESTLESS”. Her unique voice and style quickly gained attention both in Korea and abroad.

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In addition to her music, Bibi has also become known for her direct and witty personality. She appeared in various TV shows where she showed her sense of humor and honesty. Fans love her down-to-earth approach and appreciate how openly she shares her thoughts and feelings.

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