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From movies to real life, here’s where V BTS takes its inspiration from KTH1

How patiently we wait BTS Vsolo music, currently dubbing KTH1 by ARMY fans, he can only speculate when his new music will finally see the light of day and what atmosphere his album will have. Asking it directly only leads to V’s hilarious “no-replies” as pictured in the Weverse below.

  • ARMY: What kind of vibration will the mixtape be like? Ballads? Jazz?”
  • V: From now on, call me “The Talented Golf Student Kim Taehyung.” I mean it.

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Instead, let’s dive into V’s current inspiration to find out more about what ARMY can expect from new music! Earlier, V mentioned many places from which he draws his musical inspiration.

I try to be inspired by everyday life. I think my everyday life is already special, not to mention traveling or experiencing exceptional events. Nowadays, I get a lot of inspiration from the work of others.

– V / Vogue Korea

V has spoken out loud about his love for movies that inspire him, incl Call me by your name which inspire him both on an artistic and musical level.

Even video content such as Forrest Gumpcan evoke feelings in V that make him think and can lead to writing inspiration.

Yesterday I watched Forrest Gump for the first time in a while and it made me cry a little. At the end of the movie, Forrest says, “I don’t know if each of us has a destiny or if we all float randomly, like in the wind,” and I really felt sorry for him. It was sad.

– V / Vogue Korea

As with his love of movies, V cites various artists as inspiration. While Tokopedia In an interview, he discussed popular artists such as Kurt Cobain, John Legend, and Justin Bieber.

As many fans know, he also has a soft spot for jazz music and listens to everything from Bing Crosby to Lady Gaga.

His last place of inspiration is within himself. Every time something hits him during the day, he writes it down in his diary for future reference.

I write in my diary with the hope that it will help in writing texts and I do not forget about these feelings.

– V / Weverse magazine

Like a true artist, V is prepared for any emotional or musical inspiration that he is looking forward to writing, leaving fans waiting for his solo music to come.

I do it all the time – I open my diary when something pops up. I temporarily copy the melodies that pop up in my head, the lyrics, and other stuff from my diary to my note app. When I take a break or feel like working, I open my notes and say: “Let’s try it today” and run to the studio.

– V / Weverse magazine

| Fashion Korea

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