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German photographer meets reaction to photo from NCT Jeno – here’s why

German photographer who took a selfie with NCT Jeno is getting a reaction after sharing the photo on the Internet for this reason.

Read on to find out more.

NCT Jeno Made a mistake as a member of BTS by a German photographer

Recently, on September 12, Vogue held its fashion week, Vogue World: New Yorkwhich took place on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the popular magazine.

Given Vogue’s status in the fashion industry, as well as a huge milestone, it can be expected that the event will be attended by many celebrities and big names in the industry. Among the celebrities who attended Vogue’s event was NCT member Jeno.

(Photo: Instagram: @ leejen_o_423)
NCT Jeno (left) and Peter Do (right)

Jeno attended the event wearing an outfit designed by New York fashion designer Peter Do, who also designed Johnny’s outfit for his participation at the 2022 Met Gala.

With an event as big as Vogue’s, you can also expect Jeno to meet a few celebrities and key characters.

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NCT Jeno

(Photo: Twitter: @Kpop_Herald)
NCT Jeno opens to Peter Do’s show at New York Fashion Week

Among the people Jeno met was the famous German photographer Ellen von Unwerth. The photographer was able to meet Jeno on the red carpet and like what anyone would do when they met a celebrity, she took a photo with an NCT member.

Ellen von Unwerth then took to her social media to share a photo of the two of them. However, internet users quickly noticed something wrong in her post when she added a signature.

NCT Jeno, Ellen von Unwerth

(Photo: Instagram: @ellenvonunwerth)
Ellen von Unwerth (right) confuses NCT Jeno (left) as a member of BTS

Instead of tagging Jeno or NCT’s Instagram account, she instead tagged the official BTS account, adding that she was excited to meet one of its members.

In her post, she said, “I’m excited to meet a member of BTS.”

Ellen von Unwerth apologizes for mistaking Jeno as a member of BTS

No wonder that Internet users quickly pointed out their mistake and expressed their frustration. While many indicated it might be a mistake, others felt she should have known who she was taking the photo with.

Some even called the German photographer racist, which echoes the stereotype that Westerners all Asians look the same, and assumed Jeno was a member of BTS because he was a K-pop idol.

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NCT Jeno, Ellen von Unwerth

(Photo: Instagram: @ellenvonunwerth)
Ellen von Unwerth (right) corrects the bug, marking NCT Jeno (left)

After thousands of fans corrected her, Ellen von Unwerth finally deleted the post but shared the same photo again and eventually tagged Jeno’s Instagram account.

She also apologized, saying, “Sorry, it’s great to meet Jeno.”

After that, she said nothing more about it. However, fans bombard her Instagram account to criticize the photographer for her mistake.

What do you think about the problem?

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