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Good morning Great Britain: Royal expert explains why Prince Harry may not be able to wear a military uniform on vigil in London

Royal biographer Hugo Vickers explained why Prince Harry was not allowed to wear a military uniform during Queen Elizabeth II’s vigil.

The expert discussed the matter in the Tuesday (September 13) episode Good morning Great Britain.

On Monday (September 12) it was reported that the Duke of Sussex was denied the possibility of wearing a military uniform while mourning the Queen, despite the fact that his disgraced uncle, the Duke of York, would be allowed to do so during the vigil.

Harry, who saw the action on the front line during two missions in Afghanistan, will be dressed in plain clothes for official events, including the state funeral of the deceased monarch.

“What people may be thinking this morning is why Prince Harry has been told that he must not wear uniform or military uniform at any point in this process.” GMB – said host Susanna Reid in an interview with Vickers on Tuesday.

Noting that “things can change,” Vickers replied, “You have to remember this [Harry] he’s been given the ability to, you know, hold different positions for a year and decide what he wants to do.

“Then he decided to stay in California. And you know, you can’t be Captain General of the Royal Marines if you live in California and are basically a guy in blue jeans. You know, you can’t do both. You have to be visible, you have to be there, ”added Vickers.

Harry and Meghan retired from their roles as senior royals in March 2020 and moved to California.

Since leaving the royals, the Duke and Duchess have sincerely talked about the tense relationships they have with Prince Harry’s relatives, and the couple shared some shocking statements with Oprah Winfrey about their time with the royals in a recent large-scale interview. year.

On Tuesday GMB episode, Reid also pointed out that an exception was made for Andrew, who, despite having his military titles stripped away, would wear a uniform as a “special token of respect” to the Queen when he would watch over her coffin during the princes’ vigil.

In response, Vickers said, “I mean, he definitely won’t be wearing an Air Guard uniform, that’s for sure. Presumably he will be wearing the navy uniform as he served in the Royal Navy.

“Honestly, I’m not sure we really know,” Vickers replied, amid hosts speculation why Andrew might have been wearing a military uniform, but Harry didn’t.

“If you remember Prince Philips’ funeral, none of them wore uniform,” he remarked, adding, “So you have that uniform if you want, and they all wore mourning clothes.

Source confirmed to Independent that Harry – whose rank is captain – would not be in uniform at any event.

Andrew quit public life because of his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and after paying millions to settle a civil sexual assault case brought against him by Virginia Giuffre.

The prince vehemently denies all charges against him and has consistently stated that he never met Mrs. Giuffre.

He reached a £ 10m settlement with her in February, including damages to Ms Giuffre and a charitable donation to keep the case from a civil lawsuit.

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