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GOT7 Mark Tuan’s “First Concert” was newer than you think

He recently attended his first concert as a fan.

GOT7‘s Mark Lord recently attended his “first ever concert”.

Mark Tuan from GOT7 | @marktuan/Instagram

Marek not only participated AMA 2022 (also known as US Music Awards 2022), but was one of the hosts of the non-televisioned awards.

So, while he was on the red carpet, he was interviewed by The Today Show. Mark was asked about the current hot topic: Taylor Swiftis coming A tour through the ages. He admitted he didn’t get tickets for it.

I heard there’s something crazy going on with it, but no, I wasn’t trying to get any tickets…

— Mark Tuan

Even more shocking, however, is that Mark revealed that he recently attended his “first ever” concert. Went to a concert by rapper Post Malone when he was performing at Crypto.com Arenain Los Angeles, California, November 15-16, 2022.

I actually went to my first concert… Post Malone. I was there some days ago. Yes, his last show in Los Angeles. I was watching there, so… Yeah, it was actually my first concert.

— Mark Tuan

Considering Mark has been a performer for years, the interviewer was shocked to hear that he had not been to the concert. Mark explained that he went to concerts as part of JYP Entertainmentbut it was the first concert where he appeared as a true fan of the artist.

I mean, apart from the JYP concerts I’ve been to, like it’s my first concert I’ve been to, like I really want to go…

— Mark Tuan

However, Mark recently attended a concert by a popular K-Pop band, and they were not signed to JYP Entertainment. Find out below.

Mark Tuan from GOT7 turns out to be a true multi-fan, recognizing many of the K-Pop group’s lightsticks

Watch the interview clip below.

@today’s show

Our boy @Mark Tuan didn’t try to get tickets to taylorswifttheerastour but he recently went to his first concert?!?! #amas @AMAs #got7 #marktuan #firstconcert

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