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Ha Jung-woo, who secretly paid for Choo Ja-hyun and her husband’s meal and then left, received a surprising gift 4 years later

Actor Ha Jung-woo revealed his special relationship with actress Choo Ja-hyun who played his wife in Narco-Saints.

15th of September Ha Jung-woo interviewed MBC and told about the recently released Netflix drama “Narco-Saints“.

Although they both showed excellent chemistry as husband and wife in a drama, Ha Jung-woo revealed that this was the first time he acted with Choo Ja-hyun. The actor also told the casting story of Choo Ja-hyun in detail.

Ha Jung-woo explained: “4-5 years ago I saw Choo Ja-hyun and her husband come to a meat restaurant, so I paid for their meal. Later, director Yoon Jong-bin asked Choo Ja-hyun for a special performance. Heard she talked about how I paid for her meal.

It seems that Choo Ja-hyun decided to make a special appearance on “Narco-Saints” to express her gratitude to Ha Jung-woo who paid for her meal in the past.

Ha Jung-woo said: “I think buying food for others is very important. I realized that I should treat others with good meals to regain my happiness. I learned about buying food for people around me from my father and I think I am doing it well“. He amazed everyone by boasting about his unique relationship with Choo Ja-hyun.

Moreover, the actor also admitted that he felt awkward with Choo Ja-hyun at first as they had to act like a couple from the very first shot.

He said, “I felt quite nervous and awkward when shooting started. It was the shoot for my first scene and all the drama, and I had to act like husband and wife with Choo Ja-hyun. From the scene where I said, “Why don’t you go to Suriname from home?” for the final gimbap restaurant scene, as well as the auto center epilogue, all were filmed first in the filming process. It was very awkward because it was the first time I met and played with both Choo Ja-hyun and Park Hae-soo. “

Ha Jung-woo also spoke of Hwang Jung-min, the next main cast of Narco-Saints. Ha Jung-woo, who has long dreamed of performing with Hwang Jung-min, complimented his senior by saying:Hwang Jung-min is a master, and he seemed to be under no pressure even while filming the action scenes. Even in the hair and collar grabbing scenes, he always took into account the other actors and gave them some space to act comfortably. “

Ha Jung-woo, who said he found Hwang Jung-min a terrifying actor when he first joined his company as an aspiring actor, revealed his different impression after working with his elder. Regarding Hwang Jung-min, Ha Jung-woo said, “He’s warmer and more reliable than anyone else, adding, “He’s more like an older brother to me than a partner at work.”

The actor added that he gained a lot of energy on the set thanks to Hwang Jung-min and that working with many wonderful seniors and juniors helped him a lot in acting.

Meanwhile, Narco-Saints tells a story that takes place when a civilian, falsely accused of being a drug lord who takes control of the South American country of Suriname, accepts a secret NIS mission. It was released on September 9.

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